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Through the Seasons Articles

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Oso Happy Smoothie Rose Hips

We never know what winter will bring. Sometimes, it surprises us by slowly sneaking in with higher-than-normal temperatures and bright, sunny days, which fool us into thinking we live in California. Other years, it rushes in all blustery and full of snow. Either way, winter lasts the same three to four months, too long to hunker down and hibernate until spring.  Instead, let’s bundle up, go outside, and take a walk about our gardens. We’ll get much needed exercise, replenish our Vitamin D, and recharge our psyches.

Berry Heavy Ilex (Winterberry)

In Victorian times, apples or potatoes were outfitted with herbs, greens and flowers and hung up over doorways. It was said that those who lingered to share a kiss underneath were bound to settle down in marriage — but even if they didn’t, a sweet romantic moment was a sure bet!

Conifers are easy to enjoy any time of the year. These trouble-free evergreens offer year-round beauty and provide shelter for birds and other wildlife. Hedges of conifers are often planted to help block the wind. Here are a few of our favorites.

It is so hard to let go and sometimes you don’t have to!

This article goes over techniques for overwintering plants that must remain green and growing through the winter.

The mid-summer malaise can hit plants as the heat rises.  Learn how to help you plant thrive despite the heat.

Learn more about why some perennials that should be hardy in your area didn't make it through the winter.

Don’t worry it is simple, a Christmas Tree is nothing but a giant cut flower, so taking care of it is pretty much the same process.

Deadheading is an old botanic term that simply means “to remove the old spent blooms to help keep it blooming longer”.

You aren’t the only one excited to see all that lush green new growth and colorful blooms popping up in your garden. If you’re like a lot of gardeners, you have slugs and snails hiding in your garden. They come out to feast after you are fast asleep, riddling your beautiful plants with noticeable holes and your blood pressure goes WAY up! So how can you control this assault on your precious plants?  There is no magic wand for most of us, the truth is it takes a lot of diligence to control these pests, but there are options and you can make an impact!

Showing 1 - 10 of 41.
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