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Perennials Articles

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Gardens can sometimes start to look a bit tired as summer moves into its final phases and fall arrives.  Utilizing plants that bloom, develop brightly colored fruit or have great foliage color in late summer and fall is a great way to keep your garden looking fresh.

Fertilizing plants can be a bit bewildering but to get the most out of your plants, especially container plants, it is essential. This article will go over the basic types of fertilizers used on annual plants and give recommendations on when and how to apply those fertilizers.

Learn which perennials thrive in shade.

We’ve got you covered!

Learn about drought tolerant perennials.

Discover cultivars of native false indigo that are perfectly sized for urban and suburban landscapes.

See photos and commentary on Kerry's garden in 2012.

Learn how "Bad" shade areas can be real assets in your garden.

Create a container garden even a vampire could love by utilizing plants with dark folige and flowers.

I really wanted to call this series of articles "10 Plants Every Gardener Should Try in the Landscape," but this seemed a bit long for a title.  Whatever you call them, these 10 plants should be great in landscapes in almost any climate. 


Growing perennials and shrubs in containers has become an increasingly popular topic. If all you want is the summer color and have no expectations of the plant coming back the next spring, growing a perennial or shrub in a pot is easy. If you are trying to overwinter the plant in the pot, things become a bit more challenging. This article will explain how to grow and overwinter perennials and shrubs in containers.

Showing 61 - 70 of 72.
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