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10 Color Concepts for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a wonderful way to decorate your outdoor space. Whether you have a dozen baskets around your wrap-around porch or a single gorgeous basket in a place of prominence, they are an excellent addition to your garden.

Contributors: Kerry Meyer

Figuring out what to plant in your baskets can be challenging. I’m going to lay out ten different color concepts you can use as inspiration for your garden.

Marvelous Monochrome

Monochrome color schemes are easy to do right. They use multiple shades of one color and varying sized flowers and foliage to create interesting, colorful containers.  You can use shades of orange, yellow, red, blue, purple, pink, white, or any other color under the rainbow.

Above and Beyond is a monochromatic pink hanging basket.


High Contrast|High Drama

Using plants that are very bright and also very different in shape or texture will make a dramatic and eye-catching basket. Some color combinations to consider include cobalt blue with bright orange, vibrant fuchsia with brilliant yellow, bright coral with deep purple, or try three colors like deep blue, bright yellow and scarlet.

Santa Belle is an example of High Contrast|High Drama.



Patriotic Palette

Combinations in red and white are perfect for Canadian citizens. Add blue to those combinations and you’re all set to honor the U.S. While you may most often think of these patriotic color schemes around major national holidays, they are a great choice anytime in spring, summer or fall.

Independence Day 
is an example of the Patriotic Palette for the U.S.

So Sweet 
is an example that celebrates Canada’s national colors.

Believe in Blends

Blends are colors that are similar, but they aren’t monochrome.  For instance, red, orange and yellow would blend well together, but are distinctly different colors. Other colors that blend well together are: blue and violet, orange and yellow, red and orange, and red, violet and red-violet.

Hot Mama is a blend of red, red-violet and violet.

Hot Colors to Lift Your Spirits

Bright, hot colors like orange, red, yellow and fuchsia are cheerful and uplifting, perfect for spaces where you have parties or when you need a quick mood pick me up.


Fired Up! is an example of bright colors using a blend of red, yellow and orange.



Cool Colors to Relax and Soothe

Cool colors like purple, blue and silver are calming and are the perfect complement for spaces where you want to take a break, sip a glass of lemonade or read a book and let the stress of the day melt away.

Cool Water is an example of a combination that uses cool colors.



Flawless Flirty Foliage

Choosing to pair plants with colorful foliage is an excellent option if you are looking for something different. The best foliage combinations make great use of varying the color, size, shape and texture of the leaves.


Nighthawk is an example of a foliage combination. It’s shown here in a window box, but would work equally well in a hanging basket or upright patio container.


It’s All Black and White

Black and white is about as classic as you can get, yet you don’t often see it in combinations. The simple color scheme is easy to create and will be a dramatic addition to your garden.

Mocha Magic is an example of a black and white combination. For an even bigger contrast, use only Supertunia White instead of both it and Supertunia Latte.


Hello, Here I am!

Many of us enjoy our gardens for the pollinators they attract almost as much as the flowers we grow in them.  If you are looking to attract bees, grow blue and violet plants. Hummingbirds love red, pink, fuchsia and purple flowers.  Butterflies also love red and pink flowers, but they like yellow and orange as well.

Wonderstruck has yellow flowers to attract butterflies, violet-purple ones to attract both bees and hummingbirds, and pink flowers that will appeal to hummingbirds and butterflies.


Pastel Perfection

Soft colors blend in with their surroundings and call to mind cool temps, spring and young children. They create a cozy feeling in any outdoor space.


Ballet Dancer combines soft yellow, soft pink and pink flowers to make a beautiful, softly colored basket that would be at home in almost any landscape.



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