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How to Grow Petunias, Calibrachoa and Verbena

In this article, we’ve gathered all of the tips you’ll need to know about growing petunias, calibrachoa and verbena in your containers and landscape all in one convenient place. Check it out, then bookmark the page for future reference.

Contributors: Susan Martin

Since our brand was founded over 30 years ago, Supertunia® petunias, Superbells® calibrachoa and Superbena® verbena have served as the foundation of thousands of container recipes through the years. Gardeners love these plants for their non-stop color all season, durable nature and versatility.

Let’s take a deep dive into each of these three classic annuals: petunias, calibrachoa and verbena. You’ll learn how to grow them well, where to use them in your garden, and what to pair them with for best effect. 

What Supertunias, Superbells and Superbena Have in Common

Supertunias, Superbells and Superbena all share these characteristics:

  • Available in a vibrant array of colors
  • Self-cleaning - No deadheading needed for constant color from spring into fall
  • Strong, vigorous growers
  • Disease resistant
  • Sun loving
  • All are recommended for upright containers, window boxes and hanging baskets




Types of Supertunias

Within the Supertunia collection, there are four different types of petunias. The main difference between them is their habit and vigor, though the flowers also range in size. This affects where they grow best and what kinds of plants they pair best with. This article explains it all: Supertunias: What’s the Difference?


Caring for Supertunias

Supertunias grow best if given lots of sunshine, stay consistently moist and are fed regularly. This article explains each requirement in detail: Succeeding with Supertunias.


Containers for Supertunias

Because petunias grow best with consistent moisture, self-watering AquaPots® are ideal for Supertunias. Plus, when you add Proven Winners Continuous Release Plant Food to the water reservoir, your plants will be fed constantly, too. Learn more about AquaPots. 


Supertunia Recipes

We’ve gathered our best ideas for Supertunia recipes on our Pinterest board. Save those you like to your own Pinterest account so you’ll always have them at your fingertips.


Want to go further? Explore over 650 container recipes that include at least one Supertunia petunia variety. Narrow the list down by selecting a pot style or the color scheme you’re going for.


Supertunia Colors

Supertunias come in all sorts of fun colors, and some even have stripes! See all the colors and patterned varieties we offer.


Supertunia Video






Caring for Superbells

Superbells bloom best when they are grown in plentiful sunshine and are fed regularly. Well-drained soil that stays a little on the dry side and is somewhat acidic keeps their roots healthy. Since many people garden in clay and high pH soils, we only recommend growing them in containers. This article explains how in detail: Succeeding with Superbells.


This video from Laura of Garden Answer shows how she grows Superbells so beautifully in her garden.


Superbells Recipes

There’s a myriad of ways you can combine Superbells in container recipes of all shapes and sizes. Save the pins from our Pinterest board to yours to keep track of the ideas.


Scroll through hundreds of container recipes that contain at least one variety of Superbells using our Container Garden Recipe Search. Calibrachoa are popular in hanging baskets. Choose Pot Style: Hanging Basket to see the Superbells recipes for hanging baskets.


Superbells Colors

There are dozens of colors of Superbells calibrachoa. Some have double flowers, while others have starry stripes or a bright punch of color in the center. Explore our entire Superbells collection.




Caring for Superbena

Superbena verbena is a durable plant that thrives in hot sun with less water, fertilizer and trimming than many other annuals. Take care not to “kill it with kindness” by overwatering and feeding it too often. This article will help you understand what conditions Superbena needs to thrive: Succeeding with Superbena.


Superbena Recipes

Superbena is a popular component plant for container recipes like this one from Laura of Garden Answer. It pairs well with other flowers that can handle drier soils like Diamond Frost® euphorbia, Truffula Pink gomphrena and Goldilocks Rocks® bidens. Explore over 250 recipes ideas using Superbena. 


Superbena Colors

If true red is what you’re after, you’ll find it in Superbena verbena. Hot pink, light pink, lilac blue, plum purple, peach and white round out the collection. See all of the colors of Superbena.

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