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Garden Design

Garden Design—More than just a pretty face

Garden design combines color and plant placement to enhance your home’s curb appeal and create attractive outdoor living spaces.  

Garden design includes a palette of plant and non-pant materials.  This includes everything from blooms, bark and foliage to accessories and hard-scaping such as pottery, furniture, fencing, and even outdoor artwork.  

Understanding the basic principles of color in garden design will help you transform the picture in your mind into a beautiful landscape whether it’s a soothing sanctuary for reading or large patio for poolside partying.  Color sets the tone.  It can be soothing and subtle to exciting and riotous.  The good new is that almost any color scheme can work.

Think of your garden as a work of art that’s highly personal and changes with the seasons.  As with all art, tastes vary from person to person.   Your idea of a beautiful garden design may or may not be the same as your neighbor’s.  Even so, understanding basic garden design principles will help you create pleasing garden beds with confidence and success.  Use articles below as your starting point:

Landscaping--Even Mother Nature can sometimes use a little help

Landscaping is both an art and science.  It combines your skill for observing what already exists thanks to Mother Nature with your talent for designing and creating enhancements.  Landscaping transforms an area such as the yard surrounding your house into beautiful beds and containers that add captivating detail.

While landscaping features flowers, shrubs and trees, it also includes hardscaping such as trellises, walkways, and fences along with naturally occurring elements such bodies of water, elevation changes, and lighting conditions.

At Proven Winners, we give you a choice of hundreds of top-performing plants to create your personal landscaping palette.  This includes annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, succulents, and shrubs that provide all-season color in sun and shade.   

With the current trend to downsize, more and more Americans are moving into patio homes, townhouses and condominiums with smaller yards.  While this can present landscaping challenges because of less space, Proven Winners has developed a series of new compact-sized shrubs that fit gardens of all sizes.  These shrubs stay small, eliminating the need for time-consuming regular pruning.

 Another element to keep in mind as you design your landscaping is that you want it to be attractive year around.  Not just in spring and summer.  Many Proven Winners plants provide continuous color and multiple seasons of interest texture due to their blooms, foliage, bark, even seeds.   

For more landscaping ideas, check out these 10 great Proven Winners landscaping plants and learn more about trends in gardening.


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