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Reliable Panicle Hydrangeas that Bloom Every Year

Solve one of the biggest issues with hydrangeas—unreliable bloom—by planting panicle hydrangeas from Proven Winners. Whether you’re looking to plant a living screen or fill patio pots, there’s a hydrangea to fit your needs.

Contributors: Susan Martin

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A question we hear time and again from gardeners everywhere is “Why didn’t my hydrangea bloom?” While there are many reasons why hydrangeas sometimes fail to bloom, a leading culprit is frigid winter temperatures or a late freeze that killed the flower buds.

Panicle hydrangeas from Proven Winners are the most reliably blooming, low maintenance, hardy hydrangeas you can grow. Since they bloom on new growth each summer, there is no chance for the flower buds to be damaged by winter cold because they simply haven’t been formed yet. The result is a reliable show of gorgeous blooms every year from mid to late summer well into fall.

Three Steps to Guaranteed Success

  1. Plant panicle hydrangeas in full sun in the north and afternoon shade in the south. They need plenty of light to form flower buds.
  2. If you’d like to prune them to encourage more branching, do so in spring just as the new growth appears. You can trim the branches back by as much as 1/3 each year if necessary. Also, remove any dried flowers that have hung on through the winter at this time to tidy up the plants’ appearance.
  3. Water panicle hydrangeas regularly to keep them growing strong and to achieve the most notable color change from white to pink or red in the fall.

Changing Flower Colors

Whereas many bigleaf hydrangeas (H. macrophylla) can have pink or blue flowers depending on the soil, the color of panicle hydrangeas’ flowers do not change based on the soil chemistry. Rather, it is a change in temperature that triggers their flowers to turn from white to pink or red in the fall. In southern zones where nighttime temperatures are still quite warm in the fall, the color change will not be as pronounced as it is in the north where temperatures fall quite a bit more at night.

Top 3 Mid-Sized Panicle Hydrangeas for Containers and Landscapes

- One of the heaviest flowering panicle hydrangeas out there, Bobo will amaze you with its large, white flowers which turn pink in fall.
Height: 2 ½-3 feet


 LITTLE QUICK FIRE - This dwarf form of Quick Fire® also blooms early and is one of the first to change color from white to pink in summer. 

Height: 3-5 feet

- This dwarf form of ‘Limelight’ produces loads of soft green flowers that turn pink and burgundy in fall.
Height: 3-5 feet

Top 3 Large Panicle Hydrangeas for Living Screens, Specimens and Landscapes

– The showy blooms of this classic favorite open creamy white, age to lime green, then turn deep pink in fall.
Height: 6-8 feet

- Grown for its enormous blooms on sturdy stems, Pinky Winky’s flowers change slowly from white to pink, resulting in a bicolor look.
Height: 6-8 feet

- Incredibly showy flowers which open white and quickly turn deep red have earned this new variety high marks.
Height: 4 ½-6 feet

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