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Correctly Potting Your Bare Root Baptisias

Proven Winner Perennials

Notice how the first pot has the eyes barely visible while in the second pot they are completely exposed. The difference is seemingly slight but very crucial for the successful growing bare root baptisias.

Correctly Potted Baptisia

Incorrectly Potted Baptisia

In order to properly grow out Baptisias the first and most important step is potting.  Premium 1-gallon pots are a good size, especially if you are planting in early spring.

Plant only one plant per pot, sifting soil to fill in all gaps below the root structure, settling the soil mix to remove all air pockets.  If air pockets remain and the soil settles too much of the root can be exposed.  Additionally, making sure to fill soil up to the rim of the pot, covering the whole root except for the eyes.  If too much root is exposed the plants stand a risk of drying out and performing poorly.


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