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Preparing for Spring

As spring approaches, there's no better time to start preparing your garden. Read this article for some great spring-cleaning tips!

Who needs Paris in the springtime when you've got Proven Winners in your backyard? Maybe you'll host an Easter egg hunt later this spring or an outdoor brunch on the patio. Even if your plans go no further than creating a pretty view from your favorite window, Proven Winners can help your garden look its best this spring and beyond.

Spring Cleaning

If you've had a harsh winter, early spring is the perfect time to remove all of the remaining debris left over from last season. If you haven't already, add fallen leaves to your compost pile. Diseased plants should be completely removed from your yard.

Even if your climate offers year-round gardening, chances are your powerhouse performers could use a little freshening up by removing spent blooms and ragged foliage. Consider replacing your tired favorites with some new cool-tolerant varieties.  These beauties will liven up your beds and borders, helping your garden welcome spring.

Containers and Baskets-A Fresh Start

The same advice holds true for your containers and hanging baskets. Out with the old, in with fresh new plants for spring. But first, it's a good idea to clean your containers with a mild solution of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. Rinse well and pot up your clean containers with cool-tolerant plants from Proven Winners, fresh potting soil, and some granular time released fertilizer.




Looking for container planting ideas?  


Test Your Soil

How long has it been since your last soil test? If it's been more than two years, you're due. Spring and fall are the best times to test existing growing areas, but if you're planting a location for the first time, you'll want to test the soil first regardless of the time of year.

Once you've cleaned up the debris in your landscape, you're ready to test. Look at a soil test as health insurance for your plants. Once you find out the nutritional makeup of your soil, you'll be able to provide all of your plants and flowers with just what they need to perform their best.

Testing your soil is easy:

  • Purchase a soil testing kit from your garden center, or pick one up from your county cooperative extension.
  • Take samples from several areas of your landscape to come up with a representative composite.
  • Once you receive the results from your test, you can amend the soil appropriately.

Be sure to follow specific instructions for amending or fertilizing your soil. In some cases, you may need to postpone planting long enough for the amendments to reach the optimal levels.

Get Ready to Plant

Finally, the fun part! We recommend a "one-two" approach to planning your spring landscape:

One: Assess your conditions and needs. Is the bed you're planning in full sun (six or more hours of direct exposure each day) or partial sun (three to six hours of daily exposure)? Do you get plenty of rainfall or must you rely on irrigation? Once you understand a few basics about your conditions, you'll be sure to pick the right plants for your area.

Two: Get inspired by beautiful Proven Winners plants and flowers! Spend some time browsing our website, exploring the varieties and plant care information we provide to spark your creativity and ensure your success.

  • Plan a landscape that has something in bloom at all times.
  • Plant masses of the same varieties for the most dramatic impact.
  • Rely on design basics like plant height and color combinations to help with your selections.

Once you've come up with a list of the perfect Proven Winners plants and flowers, take that list to your garden center. No matter which Proven Winners varieties you choose, you'll be bring home the best performing and most beautiful plants available. 

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