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5 Easy Perennials for Greenhouse Production

New to perennials, or just need a few solid recommendations? Try these five genera which are recommended by our growers for their ease in finished greenhouse production.

#1 Rainbow Rhythm® Hemerocallis (Daylily)

Daylilies are easy for growers and gardeners alike to grow, and they are hardy in just about every part of the country. The Rainbow Rhythm® Collection from Proven Winners includes a rainbow of colors, shapes and sizes, all of which are from division to ensure plants are true to name. Producing daylilies from bare root ensures a fast crop of premium quality finished plants premium 1-gallon containers. Cool growing temperatures and high light levels produce nicely toned finished plants.

Look for ‘Tiger Swirl’ which made its debut in Spring 2017. It boasts extra large 6 ½-7” wide, golden yellow blooms with a pronounced raspberry red eye. A twisted, triangular shape gives it a spider-like look and it blooms in midseason at the height of daylily season.

#2 Shadowland® Hosta

Every perennial grower needs a nice selection of hostas, as this is a staple item in every shade garden. The Shadowland® Collection from Proven Winners includes a broad mix of solid and variegated selections, all of which are produced from tissue culture and are offered in both small and large plugs. Small plugs should be started the summer prior to sale, while larger plugs are a good choice for faster turns in spring and summer.

Look for ‘Wheee!’, one of the most distinctive hostas available today due to its extreme rippling. This is one hosta you can easily pick out from a distance on the bench and its fun texture has great impulse appeal. It is a strong grower and easily fills out a premium 1-gallon container.

#3 Dolce® and Primo Heuchera (Coral Bells)

The versatility and exceptional color range of Heucheras have rocketed them to the top of every gardener’s list. Thankfully, they are easy for growers to produce to fill that demand. Our Dolce® line has long been prized for its flexibility of use in containers and landscapes, while our new Primo line of larger, landscape-sized varieties are phenomenal performers in the garden.

Consider adding the new Primo ‘Black Pearl’ to your lineup this spring. It’s the blackest Heuchera we’ve ever seen, and it keeps its deep color all season long. Like all Heucheras, it can be started in spring from either small plugs or large plugs for late spring through fall sales.

#4 Amazing Daisies Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy)

Popular for centuries, daisies are one of the most recognizable flowers in North America. The modern hybrids offered by Proven Winners offer superior disease resistance, great vigor in production, and large, plentiful flowers. Leucanthemum is a relatively quick crop that can be planted from fresh plugs the fall prior or vernalized plugs in spring. They are one of the first perennials to move outdoors in spring.

Look for Daisy May®, the industry’s gold standard in white daisies. This blooming powerhouse becomes completely blanketed in crisp white blooms in early summer, followed by multiple rounds of rebloom through summer and fall if cut back after each round. Its compact 12-24” height keeps it tidy in container production.

#5 Color Spires® Salvia (Perennial Salvia)

Perennial salvias are in high demand and for good reason. They are typically in flower during the peak season at garden centers, they bloom profusely in attractive colors, they are deer resistant, somewhat drought tolerant, and are beneficial to pollinators. Color Spires® Salvia from Proven Winners were selected for their superior flower power and vigor.

Look for ‘Crystal Blue’, the first hardy salvia in this unique crystal blue color. It blooms heavily from late spring into early summer and in some climates, it reblooms throughout the season if spent flower stems are removed. Like all perennial salvias, it is best to start with vernalized plugs or bare root material which will result in bulkier, more floriferous plants that are faster to flower in spring.

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