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Five Made in the Shade Annuals

When gardening in the shade, it can be a challenge to come up with creative ideas for your flower beds and containers. Proven Winners introduced five new options for shade, look for these colorful flowers and fantastic foliage plants at your local retailer.

Contributors: Susan Martin

ENDLESS® Illumination and ENDLESS® Flirtation Browallia - Expanding the list of options for shade, Endless® Browallia is a beautiful alternative to Impatiens walleriana. Brilliant violet purple or white blooms dot the emerald green foliage all season long without deadheading. Browallia loves the heat and does not require much fertilization to thrive.


ROCKAPULCO® Wisteria Impatiens walleriana - Absolutely breathtaking, fully double, lavender pink and white bicolor blooms will make Rockapulco® Wisteria Impatiens shine in your containers and landscape in partial to full shade. Its buds open like miniature roses covering the mounding foliage all season long.


Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime Ipomoea batatas - With more sunfast coloring than some older sweet potato vines, this selection keeps its lime green color all season. It is also a bit less rambunctious than some, making it easier to work with as a trailing plant for your combination containers and hanging baskets. This plant also makes an excellent annual groundcover in landscapes where it has proven to be extremely heat and humidity tolerant in sun and part shade.

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COLORBLAZE® Apple Brandy Coleus (Solenostemon) - This jazzy new Coleus for sun and shade features maroon red leaves with luminescent chartreuse to yellow margins, forming a very well-branched plant that works well in landscapes and containers. Like all ColorBlaze® Coleus, it is bred to take the heat and bloom very late in the season, extending its garden performance into the fall.


COLORBLAZE® Velveteen Coleus (Solenostemon) - There is drama written all over this gorgeous dark foliage beauty, its broad burgundy leaves with hot pink centers forming a densely branched, upright pillar perfect for thrilling combination containers and landscapes. Like all ColorBlaze® Coleus, it is bred to take the heat without losing its color and it blooms very late in the season, if at all, extending its garden performance into the fall. Try this alternative to impatiens for shade, as it is resistant to downy mildew.

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