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Summertime Fun at the Signature Gardens

Visit the gardens of Proven Winners.

Contributors: Susan Martin


When you’re out and about traveling this summer, consider visiting one of Proven Winners’ Signature Gardens, Display Gardens or the Botanical Trail, all of which feature our plants growing in magnificently designed, showcase displays.  Visitors and guests, garden clubs, trade groups, landscape professionals and designers are all welcome! Immerse yourself in the beauty of Proven Winners flowers and plants, observe how butterflies, bees and birds interact there, and let your spirit soar in these captivating green spaces.

Where to Visit



East Coast

West Coast



Planning Checklist

  1. Call ahead to ask when the best time to visit might be if your schedule is flexible. All of these locations have gardens that are open to the public and typically do not require an appointment.
  2. Pack your camera and leave plenty of space on your memory cards or phone. You’re about to see some magnificent gardens!
  3. Wear comfortable walking shoes as some of these gardens are quite large and there is much to see.
  4. Bring plenty of sunscreen or a hat and something to drink—these are outdoor gardens and it can get pretty toasty in the summer months.
  5. Check in to the office (if there is one on site) when you arrive to let someone there know that you’re there to spend some time in the gardens. While you’re at it, ask about washroom facilities.
  6. Share your experience online! We would love to see some of your photos and hear about your experience in our gardens. Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Do you know of a magnificent public garden that features Proven Winners plants?
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