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10 Favorite Shrubs for Mid-Century Landscapes

Do you love all things Mid-Century?  If so, this article is for you.

Contributors: Mark Osgerby

Mark lives in Michigan and is a newcomer to the team. He serves as the public relations contact for Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shrubs. He loves all things Mid-Century and recently bought a 1950’s styled home. Restoring the home to its authentic and original glory is top priority and that includes renovating the landscape. 

Mark has a degree in advertising and public relations from Michigan State University, along with a law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. He brings nearly a decade of experience in marketing, communications, and public relations from a variety of industries. 

10 Favorite Shrubs for Mid-Century Landscapes

Mid-Century landscaping and gardens are very diverse, yet simplistic and relaxed. Mid-Century homes (1945-1965)  typically feature clean lines, flat or gabled roofs, and large picture windows. The goal is to work with plants that accent these features without overshadowing them. My mantra is less is more when working around my brick home.

Double Play® Blue Kazoo®

The blue foliage and crisp white blooms contrast perfectly with the many red and yellow brick Mid-Century homes. This shapely and well-mounded plant is a must-have for my landscape…and it’s deer resistant. 

Golden Ticket® Privet

If you’re looking for a hedge for your Mid-Century home, this is the shrub for you! Enjoy the fragrance and color of golden privet without the guilt of growing an invasive plant. This seedless variety will give you season-long color for the landscape and spring flowers.


Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip Jr.'
Butterfly Bush Buddleia

Butterfly Bush is a classic plant for attracting butterflies and bees to the garden. Enjoy this improved smaller version with beautiful blooms and attractive silver-green leaves. This charmer flowers from midsummer to frost. 

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress Microbiota

Evergreens have always been a staple in Mid-Century landscapes. This low growing gem will give your landscape color all season long. 

Soft Serve®
False Cypress Chamaecyparis

Here’s another evergreen, but this one has some height. This compact and conical shaped shrub grows to 6-10ft and is an excellent way to add some height in the yard. Soft Serve is also a good substitute for Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

White Album

This groundcover is an eye-catcher. With its brightly variegated foliage and low mounding habit, it’s ideal as an accent throughout the yard and is low maintenance. 

Castle Gold
Blue Holly Ilex

I love this shrub because it’s so versatile. It works well in group plantings, borders, and as a replacement for pyramidal yews. The foliage flushes a bright and attractive lime-gold in spring. Plant near Castle Wall for pollination so it will produce its bright red berries. 

Sunny Boulevard
St. John's Wort Hypericum

Add a splash of gold to your Mid-Century home with Sunny Boulevard which blooms with bright yellow flowers that really pop against the green foliage. This tightly branched shrub is noted for its long bloom time beginning in July and continuing until September. Perhaps best of all, it’s native!

Bloom-A-Thon® White
Reblooming Azalea

What a classic plant! It’s one of my favorites because of the continuous blooms. It blooms in April, early July and early fall, lasting until a hard frost. Once the flowers are gone, you'll be left with a beautiful evergreen shrub that will give you attractive green foliage all year long. 


Here's another great hedging plant. Highlight your entryway with a row of hardy boxwoods…that’s the plan for my house. This variety grows fast and fills in quickly making it a win-win for your landscape.



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