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10 New Pretty in Pink Annuals, Perennials and Shrubs

Over the years, we have surveyed gardeners to ask about their favorite flower colors. Pink is always high on the list of favorites. It’s a huge color category ranging from the lightest shades of baby pink to vivid fuchsia and every shade in between. Since it’s a top favorite, let’s take a look at some of our newest pink plants to warm up your garden.

Contributors: Kerry Meyer

SUPERBELLS® Double Orchid Calibrachoa

Exquisite fully double, orchid pink flowers bloom from spring into fall on the bushy, cascading stems of this beauty. It grows perfectly with single-flowered Calibrachoa and other sun-loving plants in hanging baskets, upright containers and window boxes. Since the flowers are self-cleaning, there’s no need to take the time to remove the spent blossoms to keep it blooming all season long. Calibrachoa grows best in containers with good drainage, so make sure there is at least one hole in the bottom of the one you use.

6-12” tall x 12-24” wide. Part sun to sun.



This cheerful new Superbells is fun to mix with just about any other color in combination containers, hanging baskets and window boxes on a sunny porch or patio. Each magenta pink bloom is decorated with a creamy white star pattern. They appear on cascading stems from spring to fall without having to remove the spent flowers, so use it as a filler or spiller in your containers. Calibrachoa grows best in containers with good drainage, so make sure there is at least one hole in the bottom of the one you use. 

6-12” tall x 12-24” wide. Part sun to sun.


HIPPO Rose Hypoestes

Polka dot plant is getting a makeover starting with the Hippo series. This group of super-sized selections includes big, bushy plants that won’t bolt into flower soon after planting. They have an upright shape, so they are perfect for use as a thriller or filler in containers and landscapes. Use them like you would a coleus. Polka dot plants will grow in any amount of sunlight, surviving heat and humidity with ease. They are versatile enough to grow in sunny patio pots, under the porch overhang or even in your living room. Hippo Rose has bright rose pink and green spotted foliage.

16-22” tall x 8-14” wide. Full sun to full shade.


SUPERTUNIA® Hot Pink Charm Petunia

The flower power of this new Supertunia Charm petunia is remarkable, as the plant becomes completely covered in bright pink flowers from spring into fall. No need to remove the spent blooms; these petunias are self-cleaning. Supertunia Charm varieties have a very bushy, mounded shape, so they are perfect for upright containers, hanging baskets and planted in the garden where they make a good substitute for Calibrachoa. They thrive in heat and humidity, so even gardeners in the south can enjoy their spectacular bloom power all season long.

6-12” tall x 18-24” wide. Part sun to sun.


FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Raspberry Ruffles’ Dianthus

A beautiful new addition to the Fruit Punch series! This dianthus produces large, florist quality, fully double, raspberry pink blossoms about 1¾ inches wide. Each serrated petal is framed by a razor thin white edge. A polished habit and blue-green foliage completes the look. Flowers appear in early summer, and a quick shearing after flowering will encourage them to rebloom in early fall. This new dianthus is just the right size to edge the front of a sunny border and use in combination containers.

8-10” tall x  12-14” wide. Part sun to sun. Perennial in zones 4-9.


SUMMERIFIC® ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ Hibiscus

‘Cherry Choco Latte’ is a brand new, long blooming rose mallow with very large, 8-9” wide, three-dimensional flowers. Bright white flowers with intense deep pink veining and a large, red eye appear prolifically from midsummer into early fall. Be sure to give this large-sized perennial plenty of space to flourish. Its dark olive green foliage forms a dense shrub-like mound. It will be the star of the garden when in bloom.  

4’ tall x 4’ wide. Sun to part sun. Perennial in zones 4-9.

ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Popstar’ Sedum

This low maintenance groundcover stonecrop will light up your garden in late summer to early fall when salmon pink flowers completely blanket the plant. They provide a much-needed late season food source for pollinating bees and butterflies. Dark pink seed heads provide color through the fall months. The rest of the season, you’ll enjoy its low mounding, blue-green succulent foliage. This plant would make a beautiful addition to your rock garden or as a groundcover near the front of the border. If you like the looks of ‘Popstar’, don’t miss its darker hued counterpart, ‘Superstar’!

8-10” tall x 20-24” wide. Sun. Perennial in zones 3-9.



You'll love the large flowers this space-saving dwarf butterfly bush produces every year. Plump panicles of fragrant, taffy pink flowers attract butterflies from summer through frost without the need to remove the spent blossoms. Northern gardeners will also appreciate that the thicker stems of Pugster butterfly bushes ensure better hardiness and winter survival in cold regions compared to other dwarf varieties.

20-24” tall x 24-36” wide. Sun. Hardy in zones 5-9.


This remarkable new hydrangea is unlike anything that's come before it. It's the same type of hydrangea as the classic and much-loved 'Annabelle' but instead of white blossoms, this one bears deep pink-mauve flowers on strong, sturdy stems that don't flop. You’ll find that it blooms reliably every single year, even in cold climates, and even if you prune it in fall or spring. The show begins in early summer and since it's a rebloomer, it continues to bloom until frost, providing an endless supply of flowers for the landscape or vase (both fresh and dried!) 

30-36” tall x 30-36” wide. Part sun to sun. Zones 3-9.



So pink, could it be too pink? This new weigela is the most incredible pink of any we've seen--and we've trialed A LOT of weigelas! Its abundant, deep pink flowers create a memorable late spring display year after year. Czechmark is a new series of weigela that showcases the remarkable flower power of this vintage classic shrub. Selected for their pure colors and bountiful blooms, these easy-care cultivars will rake in the compliments.

36-42” tall x 36-42” wide. Sun. Zones 4-8.

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