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Watering—Don’t be a drip! Learn to do it right.

Providing good soil and the right amount of light and water are key ingredients for growing healthy plants.  The end result is a beautiful garden.

When it comes to watering, the challenge is figuring out how much to water and when.  You also need to decide which watering tools are the best fit for you, your budget, and your gardening needs. 

For example, the WaterWise® Easy Container Watering Kit makes it simple to water container plants, hanging baskets, flower boxes, and landscape beds automatically. In fact, you can water up to ten containers or 30 feet of landscape beds from a single faucet. Additional kits can be easily attached to water even more plants from one faucet. Just set it and forget it.

Because over-watering is probably the most common cause of early death in plants, it’s good to understand the basics of how much and when to water. Get the scoop here:

Wedding Ring Buxus (boxwood)

As summer wanes into Fall it can be tempting to walk away from your garden and call it done until spring.  However, soil moisture is still important for perennial and shrubs.  Learn how to determine if your plants need supplemental water in Fall and if they do, how much and how often to water.

Learn more about what irrigation tools will work best for your landscape beds.

Watering garden beds appropriately can be a challenge. This article explains the basics of watering landscapes.

Learn how to determine if a plant will act as an annual or perennial in your area. Learn what USDA hardiness zones are and how they can help you have a better garden.

Is your plant wilted even though the soil is wet? Is your plant light green and struggling? Well your problem might be over-watering. Read this article for tips on diagnosing an over-watering problem and than fixing it.

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