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Soft Serve® False Cypress Chamaecyparis pisifera

Flower Season
  • Early Spring
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
Mature Size
10' 6' 3.0m 1.8m
Height: 6' - 10'
Spread: 5' - 6'
Height: 1.8m - 3.0m
Spread: 1.5m - 1.8m
  • Details

    72 - 120 Inches
    72 - 120 Inches
    60 - 72 Inches
    1.8m - 3.0m
    1.8m - 3.0m
    1.5m - 1.8m


    This soft, graceful evergreen has lovely color, too.

    A compact, conical falsecypress with graceful, soft fern-like branches. The leaves are bright green on top and flecked with silver-blue on the underside. This sport of 'Boulevard' is a great substitute for dwarf Alberta spruce.

    Foliage Interest
    Fall Interest
    Winter Interest
    Salt Tolerant


    Plant Type: 
    Shrub Type: 
    Height Category: 
    Garden Height: 
    72 - 120 Inches 1.8m - 3.0m
    72 - 120 Inches 1.8m - 3.0m
    60 - 72 Inches 1.5m - 1.8m
    Flower Colors: 
    Flower Shade: 
    conifer - not noticable.
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Shade: 
    Green flecked with silver blue
    Container Role: 

    Plant Needs

    Light Requirement: 
    Part Sun to Sun
    Light Requirement: 

    The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).

    Maintenance Category: 
    Bloom Time: 
    Grown for Foliage
    Hardiness Zones: 
    4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a
    Water Category: 
    Uses Notes: 

    Shrub borders, hedges, specimen, perennial borders and containers.

    Maintenance Notes: 

    Extremely adaptable, but prefers moist, loamy, well-drained, acidic or neutral soils. This compact selection does not require any pruning. To keep smaller, minimal pruning can be done in summer. Medium moisture. Evergreen - slow growing. Fertilize in early spring by applying a slow release fertilizer specialized for evergreens. Follow the label for recommended rate of application. Protect from harsh winter sun and winds.

    Soft Serve® Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Dow Whiting' USPP 20,883
  • 9 Reviews

    Browse reviews from people who have grown this plant.
    • I love the look of this shrub/tree! I live in Utah and I have never seen this specimen planted here. At the end of last summer I got a lot of browning and dead areas. I think they need a lot of consistent moisture here in our high desert. I have even been adding Espoma Acidic fertilizer because I wonder if they don’t like our high ph soil also. I really hope this beauty makes it!!

      Barbara Morrell
      , Utah
      , United States
      , 40 weeks ago
    • I have 1 of these planted as a specimen piece in my garden. LOVE IT and would definitely buy more of these HOWEVER, I strongly DISAGREE with whoever says no need for trimming on these. They do grow a little unorganized, which I actually like that look. The ISSUE is that, with the uneven grow in certain areas, the weight of the branches starts to, well REALLY weigh on those branches, leading to holes/ open areas in the tree due to the heavy weight where the growth really takes off. LOVE this tree, would buy and plant more of them. But I couldn’t disagree more with the “no need to trim statement”. Totally false in my opinion/ findings. I suggest lighting trimming this little beauty for ultimate results.

      , Michigan
      , United States
      , 3 years ago
    • We know Dow Whiting and are working with him and Linda on landscaping our home. This was a must have shrub and it serves as the anchor plant to one of the beds in front of our home. When coming down the street it is and will be the first shrub you see and it eventually (when mature) will soften the corner of the home.

      Michele Prose
      , Missouri
      , United States
      , 11 years ago
    • I bought this plant from dow whiting himself in 2008. it is absolutely regrets

      mike mcintosh
      , 12 years ago
    • Russell Studebaker
      , Illinois
      , United States
      , 12 years ago
    • I purchased two seedlings from Bluestone Perennials in 2009. They overwintered in my containers and are thriving with no fuss. Beautiful plants with georgous texture.

      jodi pollock
      , Pennsylvania
      , United States
      , 12 years ago
    • Russell Studebaker
      , Massachusetts
      , United States
      , 12 years ago
    • Awesome Plant!I have had several neighbors inquire about the plant.It has a very nice shape.

      Mike McIntosh
      , Indiana
      , United States
      , 12 years ago
    • Very nice plant although I'm starting to see a little bit of yellowing on the inside of the plant after a month and a half of being planted.

      Mike McIntosh
      , Indiana
      , United States
      , 12 years ago
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