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The information on this page is for reference only. This variety is no longer available from Proven Winners®.

Invincibelle® Spirit Smooth Hydrangea Hydrangea arborescens

Flower Season
  • Summer
Mature Size
4' 4' 1.2m 1.2m
Height: 3' - 4'
Spread: 3' - 4'
Height: 91cm - 1.2m
Spread: 91cm - 1.2m
  • Details

    36 - 48 Inches
    48 - 60 Inches
    36 - 48 Inches
    91cm - 1.2m
    1.2m - 1.5m
    91cm - 1.2m


    This variety is no longer available from Proven Winners®. Alternatives include: Invincibelle® Spirit II.

    Our native smooth hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) has come a long way in its lifetime, especially since the 1910 discovery of ‘Annabelle’ in Anna, IL – a now-famous variety whose name has become synonymous with the white, snowball-like summer blooms. Well, there’s a new belle of the ball, and she’s radiant in pink. Yes, pink. Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea is the first pink hydrangea of its kind, bringing all the hardiness and reliability of the smooth hydrangea, with a splash of color. When your bigleaf hydrangea varieties let you down with buds zapped by fickle spring temperatures, Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea will perform and perform… and perform as it continually blooms in nonstop waves from mid-summer until frost. It’s hardy to Zone 3 and prefers full sun but will tolerate part shade.

    Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea is an overachiever. If breakthrough color and reliable performance weren’t enough, it also stands tall for a cause. Since its introduction in 2010, $1 from each plant sold is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF). Sales of the plant and corresponding Pink Day fundraisers hosted at garden centers across North America have raised over $900,000 - over 90% of the way to our million dollar goal!

    Find out more about the Invincibelle Spirit campaign for a cure.

    Continuous Bloom or Rebloomer
    Heat Tolerant
    Deadheading Not Necessary
    Native to North America


    Plant Type: 
    Shrub Type: 
    Height Category: 
    Garden Height: 
    36 - 48 Inches 91cm - 1.2m
    48 - 60 Inches 1.2m - 1.5m
    36 - 48 Inches 91cm - 1.2m
    Flower Colors: 
    Flower Shade: 
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Shade: 
    Container Role: 

    Plant Needs

    Light Requirement: 
    Part Sun to Sun
    Light Requirement: 

    The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).

    Maintenance Category: 
    Blooms On: 
    New Wood
    Bloom Time: 
    Early Summer
    Bloom Time: 
    Mid Summer
    Bloom Time: 
    Late Summer
    Hardiness Zones: 
    3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a
    Water Category: 
    Cut Flower
    Uses Notes: 

    Pink summer flowers add rich color to summer landscapes. Excellent native plant for mixed borders or perennial gardens.

    Maintenance Notes: 

    For the biggest, most abundant blooms and strongest stems, plant where it gets at least six hours of sun each day (warmer climates can get away with a bit less). A good layer of shredded bark mulch helps minimize water loss.

    As for pruning, cut the entire plant back by about one-third its total height each spring, just as the new growth begins to emerge on stems. This serves to build up a strong, supportive, woody base while also encouraging abundant new growth for plenty of flowers. 

    If you wish to fertilize, an application of a rose fertilizer in early spring, once the soil has thawed, is sufficient. 

    Invincibelle® Spirit Hydrangea arborescens 'NCHA1' USPP 20,765, Can 4,159
  • 37 Reviews

    Browse reviews from people who have grown this plant.
    • If I could send a picture, I wouldn’t need to say a word. I have two and they are and have been consistently beautiful year after year. I live in northern Minnesota where it gets very, very cold. They are covered with more than 100 beautiful pink blooms in early July year after year. I purchased the very first year available through a catalog order. You won’t be disappointed.

      , Minnesota
      , United States
      , 43 weeks ago
    • I have had it in my garden since the year it came out. The blooms are not as pink or large as they claim and they fade quickly to brown. Any suggestions? It is in full sun and gets watered regularly.

      , Minnesota
      , United States
      , 1 year ago
    • I really loved it when I saw it at the garden center. Beautiful leaves. It does bloom, spreads, grows. Blossoms are just ok. Stems always weak compared to my other hydrangeas that get the same treatment. One is right next to this one. I’ve had it 2 years plus and I’m pretty sure I will dig her up on the fall and move her to a new spot and see how it goes. At least I get to add another hydrangea to the collection

      , Washington
      , United States
      , 1 year ago
    • Last year I put this in an 18" clay pot lined with bubble wrap. I'm in zone 6 and leave my pots out all winter. In the Spring I add some Osmocote and a layer of compost. This year it's huge and covered in blooms. It gets full morning sun and dappled afternoon sun. One branch has flopped over, which actually looks nice since it's in a pot. But I don't love the color. It's kind of a fleshy, brownish pink, not a clear, pretty pink.

      , 1 year ago
    • This plant has grown so big and tall and beautiful. It keeps spreading. Every year we, just can't believe how beautiful it is. I wish we also has the red one ..Maybe next year.

      , Ontario
      , Canada
      , 4 years ago
    • When I bought three of these in 2 gallon pots at the local nursery, I was told it would take aboit 3 years to establish itself. It has been 3 years, and one has died, one grows well, and the third is amazing. It is covered in blooms and the stems are almost 5ft. tall. Because the blooms are heavy, I have put a wire cage around it which is completely hidden by the foliage and blooms. Very happy!

      , Ontario
      , Canada
      , 6 years ago
    • This plant is amazing!! Bought In Costco. Has survived 3 winters in Prince George B.C. (Zone 3). All summer and into late fall, continuous gorgeous blooms. Great to look at in the garden, and great to pick as a bouquet. Large blooms in shades of light to dark pink and to faded rose colours, now about 3 feet tall, 4 feet wide. Planted on the north west side of our house, only late afternoon sun, and grows so well. I plan to plant more in the spring. You will not be disappointed! Would share a photo, but do not know how.

      , British Columbia
      , Canada
      , 7 years ago
    • I have 6 of these hydrangeas. They are beautiful! Five are in full sun and one in morning sun only. All six are covered in flowers. I'm going to order one for a very shaded area. If it only does half as well as the others, I will be happy.

      , New York
      , United States
      , 8 years ago
    • Not our favorite by a long shot. Did not perform the first few years. It is a nice big bush now, but the stems are so weak that the blossoms just flop to the ground and on one another. The blossoms shed terribly when I cut them for arrangements. This is not what I expected. One thing in her favor...She's been in the ground about 5 years and her blossoms are very large, not as large as Endless Summer, but nice.

      Cheryl Siemer
      , Missouri
      , United States
      , 9 years ago
    • this plant gets better over time - has a unique stature, color and bloom time in my garden and as a plant professional, i bring it into all garden designs that i can!

      Lori ~ Garden Angel
      , New Jersey
      , United States
      , 9 years ago
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