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ColorBlaze® Lime Time Coleus Solenostemon scutellarioides

  • Hardy Zones
    • 10 - 11
  • Exposure
    • Sun or Shade
  • Season
    • Spring
    • Summer
  • Mature Size
    • 24 - 40 Inches
Proven Winners® Annuals
ColorBlaze® Lime Time Coleus Solenostemon scutellarioides
Sun or Shade 24 - 40


I have a degree in FINE ARTS.

Sun tolerant chartreuse foliage is great in landscapes and containers.

Foliage Interest
Heat Tolerant
Deadheading Not Necessary


Plant Type: 
Height Category: 
Garden Height: 
24 - 40 Inches
12 - 16 Inches
18 - 30 Inches
Flower Colors: 
Flower Shade: 
pale blue
Foliage Colors: 
Foliage Shade: 
Container Role: 

Plant Needs

Light Requirement: 
Sun or Shade
Maintenance Category: 
Bloom Time: 
Grown for Foliage
Hardiness Zones: 
10a, 10b, 11a, 11b
Water Category: 
Soil Fertility Requirement: 
Average Soil
Border Plant
Mass Planting
Uses Notes: 

Great in both landscapes and containers and good for both sun and shade locations.

Maintenance Notes: 

Many people feel that coleus look best before they flower. We have worked hard to choose coleus that bloom late in the season or not at all. To keep foliage in top shape, pinch off the blooms as they appear if you wish.

Rules of Thumb for Overwintering Plants Indoors:

1. Choose only healthy plants

2. Bring Plants indoors before frost damages foliage

3. Treat for disease and insects before bringing plants indoors

4. Place in bright areas and add humidity using pebble trays or spray bottles

5. Be careful not to over water

6 When active growth starts in spring fertilize and prune as needed

7. Introduce your plants slowly to outdoor conditions in spring

An application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.

ColorBlaze® Lime Time Solenostemon scutellarioides USPP 27,140
  • This lime color does great in Sun or shade. I pinch small leaves to encourage lower growth in stems. Mine has bushed out to a beautiful 12 inch width. I especially love and grow all sorts of coleus as they last until the first frost. I have brought a plant in and wintered over to have shoots to root for the next year.

    Outstanding My favorite plant, I recommend to others all the time and explain the reasons why I like it so much.
    Anne Shaheen
    West Virginia
    United States
    48 weeks ago
  • This plant has been a beauty from spring until fall. It was a gift from a friend, so I was happy to find it here. I had it in a difficult full shade in the AM and full sun in the PM situation in the spring, and it was fine. It is now in a mostly full sun situation--and looks fabulous. It has not bloomed yet--which is a plus and a wonder. It is a beautiful and healthy green that makes any other plant nearby look good along with it. The leaves are lush and the frilly margins add interest. I am hoping to winter it over and will be buying more in the spring. I plan to use it in lots more containers next year. Please don't discontinue it!

    Outstanding My favorite plant, I recommend to others all the time and explain the reasons why I like it so much.
    Ann Conable
    Eagle Bay
    New York
    United States
    1 year ago
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