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Proud Berry® Coralberry Symphoricarpos sp.

Flower Season
  • Summer
  • Fall
Mature Size
4' 4' 1.2m 1.2m
Height: 3' - 4'
Spread: 3' - 4'
Height: 91cm - 1.2m
Spread: 91cm - 1.2m
  • Details

    36 - 48 Inches
    36 - 48 Inches
    36 - 48 Inches
    91cm - 1.2m
    91cm - 1.2m
    91cm - 1.2m


    Make autumn more colorful with plump, pink fruit!

    Proud Berry® coralberry makes it unbelievably easy to fill your landscape with these unique pink berries, guaranteed to turn heads. Cute, rounded, bluish-green leaves look handsome all season, then, in late summer, bell-shaped flowers appear. As the season changes to autumn, the flowers develop into large dark pink berries, the color intensifying with cold weather. As pretty as it is, this North American native is also amazingly tough, effortlessly fending off deer, cold weather, and problem soils. The fruit is not edible, but may be eaten by birds in mid-late winter. This plant makes an excellent cut flower for fall arrangements.

    Top reasons to grow Proud Berry® coral berry:

    • Very showy fruit in fall
    • Makes an excellent cut flower
    • Exceptionally hardy and tough
    Long Blooming
    Produces Berries
    Fall Interest
    Deadheading Not Necessary
    Erosion Control
    Native to North America


    Plant Type: 
    Shrub Type: 
    Height Category: 
    Garden Height: 
    36 - 48 Inches 91cm - 1.2m
    36 - 48 Inches 91cm - 1.2m
    36 - 48 Inches 91cm - 1.2m
    Flower Colors: 
    Flower Colors: 
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Shade: 
    Container Role: 

    Plant Needs

    Light Requirement: 
    Part Sun to Sun
    Light Requirement: 

    The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).

    Maintenance Category: 
    Blooms On: 
    New Wood
    Bloom Time: 
    Late Summer
    Bloom Time: 
    Early Fall
    Bloom Time: 
    Mid Fall
    Hardiness Zones: 
    3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
    Water Category: 
    Border Plant
    Cut Flower
    Good for Screening
    Mass Planting
    Specimen or Focal Point
    Maintenance Notes: 

    For the very best fruit set on Proud Berry® coral berry, plant in full sun. Each spring, just as the new growth begins to appear on the stems, cut the entire plant back to about 12" (.3 m) tall, and prune out any dead wood.

    Fun Facts: 

    Proud Berry® was developed by Catharina Marie Hoekstra-Arisz in the Netherlands; it is an improved version of Amethyst™ coral berry.

    Proud Berry® Symphoricarpos sp. 'Sofie' USPP 21,226
  • 11 Reviews

    Browse reviews from people who have grown this plant.
    • Chuckling at reviewers who planted gallon sized ProudBerry and are still waiting for them to fill in. Mine arrived as 2” plugs, b.c. Laura’s GardenAnswer “show” blew up demand nation wide...$45 for three little plugs! They’re chugging along in the three gaps of my picket fence hedge: 9” after 4 years of patient praying & occasional coddling if someone steps on them. When (if!?) I see that first pink berry, I plan to throw a party!

      Emo Doer
      , California
      , United States
      , 17 weeks ago
    • I pretty much ignore this plant, (as far as care goes). It’s beautiful all year, (it grows back and fills in quickly after it’s cut back). One of my favorites!

      , Virginia
      , United States
      , 42 weeks ago
    • Filling out nicely. Planted them small and now, after their first winter, they're expanding nicely. Can't wait to see them full grown and berried up.

      , Missouri
      , United States
      , 1 year ago
    • I got this plant when it was tiny. Planted in a bed in the fall. It nearly died. I took it out and nursed it back in a pot. Since then planted in another garden bed and it has flourished! It is gorgeous. The berries are amazing. I'm on year 3 so can't wait to see it leap.

      Kelly Van
      , Illinois
      , United States
      , 1 year ago
    • Planted this a year ago, Berries are gorgeous. It froze. Waiting to see if it comes back. Sure hoping it does. It is very sparse-hoping it fills in also.

      , Texas
      , United States
      , 1 year ago
    • I purchased this plant because it is the host plant for the beautiful clearwing hummingbird moth, one of our pollinators. So far I only had one caterpillar on it and sadly I guess the birds got to it. I’m going to protect it better if I see any more on it. When I bought this from the nursery, this plant was loaded with beautiful pink berries. Many people commented on it when they saw it in my cart. I am looking forward to seeing this plant bloom and then the berries that the birds can eat in the winter.

      , Pennsylvania
      , United States
      , 2 years ago
    • Love this shrub a lot. Planted late last summer. Live in a cold and snowy area so hope next year all will be well. The berries are just beautiful. A good addition to my flower gardens.

      Linda Christiansen
      , Michigan
      , United States
      , 3 years ago
    • JB Merritt
      , Texas
      , United States
      , 3 years ago
    • Planted this early spring it is now fall. Plant has done excellent! It’s grown 3” or so inches, needs to fill in a life but pruning will help with that this coming spring. We have had a warm fall and it’s just not starting to get cold and all of a sudden the berries are turning a beautiful pink. For its first year I think the plant has done excellent. Can’t wait for some real growth next year. Only issue I had was around July maybe August we had tobacco worms (I’m not sure the correct name, you can look it up) all over the plant - eating the leaves! For about two weeks i tediously picked the worms off! They damaged the plant considerably but it bounced back. Next year I will be more vigilant and spray beginning of summer.

      Sarah Crose
      , Kentucky
      , United States
      , 4 years ago
    • It took my 1 gallon sized plant about 3-4 years, before it I would call it a ... but wait until you see it's berries! They have that shimmer that Pearls have, but instead of being white..they are the most glamorous silvery pink balls...

      , Nova Scotia
      , Canada
      , 5 years ago
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