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Juke Box® xPyracomeles sp.

Flower Season
  • Early Spring
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
Mature Size
3' 3' 91cm 91cm
Height: 12" - 3'
Spread: 12" - 3'
Height: 30cm - 91cm
Spread: 30cm - 91cm
  • Details

    12 - 36 Inches
    12 - 36 Inches
    12 - 36 Inches
    30cm - 91cm
    30cm - 91cm
    30cm - 91cm


    A handsome new evergreen for warm climate gardens!

    Though you may never have heard of it, Juke Box® pyracomeles is a versatile, easy to grow landscaping plant. Think of it like a boxwood, but with very shiny leaves and fine branches that give it a neat and noticeable texture wherever you plant it. And you can plant it just like you would a boxwood: as a hedge, edging, specimen, or try trimming or training it as your heart desires. This thornless plant produces no flowers to speak of, and is very resistant to pests and diseases. Don't be afraid to try something new -  we trial and test all of our plants for at least 7 years before they are available for you, so as long as you meet this plant's basic growing requirements below, you'll be successful. Juke Box pyracomeles earned a Blue Ribbon award for its performance and drought tolerance in the UC Davis Landscape Irrigation Trials. 

    Top reasons to grow Juke Box® pyracomeles:

    - Trouble-free boxwood alternative.

    - Very glossy leaves and a distinctive texture.

    - Grows well in sun or part shade.

    Foliage Interest


    Plant Type: 
    Shrub Type: 
    Height Category: 
    Garden Height: 
    12 - 36 Inches 30cm - 91cm
    12 - 36 Inches 30cm - 91cm
    12 - 36 Inches 30cm - 91cm
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Shade: 
    Container Role: 

    Plant Needs

    Light Requirement: 
    Part Sun to Sun
    Light Requirement: 

    The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).

    Maintenance Category: 
    Bloom Time: 
    Grown for Foliage
    Hardiness Zones: 
    7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b
    Water Category: 
    Border Plant
    Edging Plant
    Mass Planting
    Uses Notes: 

    Naturally growing as a rounded little mound, Juke Box® pyracomeles can be used just like a boxwood in the landscape. It can be trained, trimmed, or clipped if you wish.

    Maintenance Notes: 

    Juke Box® pyracomeles needs little maintenance and care. It grows in sun or part shade, and needs nothing more than average soil and water. If you wish to prune it, do so after the new growth has emerged in spring but before it becomes woody. 

    This new species of evergreen has been through multiple winters in Asheville, North Carolina (USDA zone 7) with no damage. It has survived winter in zone 6, but typically with some damage to its evergreen foliage. Hence, we currently recommend this plant only for USDA zones 7 and warmer.

    Fun Facts: 

    Never heard of Pyracomeles before? You're not alone! It's quite new to the market. Its funny name (and the "x" in front of it) derive from the two different genera that were crossed to create it - Pyracantha and Osteomeles. The "x" simply indicates that it is a cross of two species - it is not pronounced. Listen to our pronunciation recording to hear how to say it yourself. 

    Juke Box® xPyracomeles sp. 'NCXP1' USPP 31,409
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    • The Michael Jordan of dwarf Evergreens, this new offering can do it all. It’s uses range from a simple anchor foundation planting to a hedge row, border planting and it even works great as the center-piece in a container situation. Heat and drought resistant this hardy shrub has a naturally mounded form and looks good in its natural state but also works when used as a formal tight planting. This will become a staple for landscapers across the US!

      Adam Wilhelm
      , North Carolina
      , United States
      , 2 years ago
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