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AquaPots® by Proven Winners

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Introducing Luxury Grade AquaPots by Proven Winners Smart. Stylish. Sensational. 



Proven Winners has entered the pottery market with the addition of premium quality AquaPots to the brand family. The new self-watering ceramic AquaPots invented by award-winning landscape architect Jack Barnwell. Jack and Proven Winners share a reputation for quality and innovation, making this a natural partnership.




Unmatched design capabilities, refined colors and unprecedented finishes make AquaPots a great addition for retailers, landscape professionals and home gardeners. Each piece is handmade by highly trained and talented craftsmen who use time-tested techniques and kilns to give each piece its own special character. AquaPots are available in dozens of unique designs in multiple sizes, colors and finishes.  

Top 4 Reasons to Choose AquaPots by Proven Winners:

  1. Highest quality finishes of any ceramic planters - AquaPots' proprietary clay formulas and processes result in the removal of foreign substances trapped in the material, resulting in incredibly smooth, pure finishes. You'll find little to no pitting in the glaze utilized on AquaPots, compared to others on the market. Pitting allows debris and water to get into the pottery, compromising it over time.

    Examples of Pitting in Poor Quality Ceramics


    Premium Quality AquaPots Finishes

  2. Most durable planters on the market - AquaPots have been time tested and perform flawlessly in gardens across North America. The process of curing the clay at ultra-high temperatures and using only the highest quality, purest clay which is free of impurities allows AquaPots to withstand high and low temperature extremes.  


  3. Trendsetting colors and finishes - We don't just follow the trends, we set them; constantly studying trends and colors. Each new glaze recipe takes years of work and trials to perfect before introduction. Currently, dozens of unique colors and finishes are available across the full line of AquaPots.


  4. New designs every year - Each year, new designs and colors will be added to the AquaPots product line.



AquaPots Self-Watering Containers

AquaPots is an exceptional new concept in self-watering containers invented and patented by Jack Barnwell (left), an award-winning landscape architect from Mackinac Island, Michigan. Barnwell is an avid user of AquaPots, who saw the need for gorgeous, commercial grade, self-watering containers for the variety of properties he services across the country. He worked with Michael Carr (right) to develop this stylish yet practical solution for his clients.

AquaPots are the first and only premium quality glazed ceramic self-watering planters on the market. They are not an insert but rather a complete system that is integrated into each planter. Professionals: download the wholesale AquaPots catalog.






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