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Breeder Brochures

Partner with Proven Winners
to Bring Your
Breakthroughs to Market

Years of work, or lucky accident,
the discovery of an exciting new
or improved variety is every
breeder’s dream. But once
you’ve found it, then what? For
many top breeders, the answer
is a call to Proven Winners. 

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Independent Global

Proven Winners is the #1 brand
and a worldwide network
of leading plant producers.

Worldwide Proven Winners
works with plant breeders
from around the globe,
producing and marketing
cutting edge, innovative
plants for growers
and consumers.

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Plant Quest

A Breeder’s Guide to
Licensing New or
Improved Plant Varieties

Proven Winners is the
worldwide network that
brings the finest
examples of the breeder’s
art to local garden centers
and greenhouses. We do
this by establishing
profitable relationships
that are easy, risk-free,
and which protect our
breeders’ rights.

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