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Tag Exchange

If You Have Too Many Tags, We Have A Solution


Thanks to the reduction in the number of tags used, you will also decrease the amount of plastic needed for your container programs.  That’s not only good for your bottom line, but for the environment too. The more options the better, especially for growers who want to reduce the amount of redundant stake tags while improving their labeling system for baskets and container combos. 

Now you can stay with our standard one tag stake per liner program, or go with our Tag Exchange option. You will receive one variety-specific stake tag and one new Container Style tag for approximately every 4-5 liners ordered.  To ensure variety and patent identification, every basket or container combination must still include one variety-specific stake tag for each variety in the planting. 

It's as easy as 1,2,3

If a grower wants to grow: 75 baskets of Superbena®/4 liners per basket or 110 4" of Superbena®/1 liner per pot.

Liners Need in Trays of 84s:

  Liners Ordered Liners Ordered Tags Needed Tags Needed Tags Shipped Tags Shipped Tags Needed Tags Needed  
Tagging Options Containers Baskets Containers Baskets Variety Tags Container Gardening Tags Variety Tags Container Gardening Tags Variety Tags Not Used
Standard Program
1 tag per liner
110  300 110 75  410 0 185 0 225
Exchange Program
1 Variety tag per 4-6 liners. Plus container garden tags
 110  225  110 75  164 75  110 75  54

Reduces your tags by 76% - Just let your broker know that you want to take advantage of the tag exchange program. Orders using the tag exchange program must be placed separately.

The exact number of tags in the exchange varies, click on the PDFs below to find out more.

Container Tags:

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