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Container and Tag Usage– Annual Plants

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Understanding the Do's and Don't's of Proven Winners Packaging

The following information and images will help you understand the correct way to use Proven Winners labels and containers. More details are included on the customer-grower agreement that is sent with every shipment of Proven Winners and Proven Selections plants. 

  1. Proven Winners plant varieties must be sold with Proven Winners brand plant tags as provided only by Proven Winners; Proven Selections varieties must be sold only with Proven Selections brand plant tags as provided only by Proven Winners. No other plant tags can be used.

  2. All Proven Winners plants require branded containers or utilize our tag exchange program for hanging baskets and upright containers. Only Proven Winners varieties may be sold in a Proven Winners branded container.

  3. Growers who want to display pricing information on Proven Winners or Proven Selections branded containers can have containers custom printed with a bar codes. Otherwise, growers may include a white plant stake tag (no larger than 3" tall x 1" wide) or a white sticker affixed to the container(no larger than 1" x 11/2" inches) that consists only of a bar code and/or retail price.

  4. Additionally, if the grower wants to indicate that they are the grower of the plant, a label may be applied to the container that reads “Grown under agreement with Proven Winners by [name of grower]”. This label may be no larger than 1 x 1.5" (except that the grower may combine this with pricing information as mentioned directly above on one sticker 2" x 1.5" in size).

  5. For basket or combination plantings, growers must use at least one variety specific plant tag for every individual variety in the planting, even if a Proven Winners Container Garden Tag (a beauty tag for large plantings available under our Tag Exchange program) is used.

  6. For basket or combination plantings, if a grower is using a Proven Winners Container Style tag, which includes specific information about each variety used in the planting, only the Container Style tag needs to be used.

  7. All Proven Winners products must be resold only as finished plants in container sizes of 4" or larger or as finished plants sold in a large multi-plant finished basket or combination planter. Canadian customers, please refer to the Customer-Grower Agreement that arrives with each plant shipment for legal finished plant container sizes.


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