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Why Plant Proven Winners?

The colorful, vigorous varieties of Proven Winners have been chosen to grace some of America's most prestigious landscapes – like the grounds
of Churchill Downs host of the Kentucky Derby.

Deliver Landscape Color That Will Stop People
In Their Tracks

As the leading brand of high-quality flowering plants in North America, Proven Winners has an unmatched reputation for producing varieties that are known for their exceptional quality, unparalleled beauty, unique attributes, and proven performance. Gardeners throughout North America are searching for – and buying – Proven Winners plants in record numbers in response to our reputation and our national advertising efforts each year. Our established success and consumer demand creates an exceptional opportunity for landscapers and architects to bring high-quality Proven Winners plants to your landscape customer. 

What makes a great Proven Winners
landscape plant?

  • Adaptable to a wide geographic zone
  • Suitable for mass plantings
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Dwarf and compact
  • Disease resistant
  • Non-invasive
  • Special interest in native varieties
  • Deer resistant




About Proven Winners

The Proven Winners® brand is managed by two leading U.S. plant propagators, Four Star Greenhouse in Carleton, Michigan and Pleasant View Gardens in Loudon, New Hampshire. These companies founded Proven Winners in 1992 and, together with two licensees in Canada and our partner companies, Spring Meadow Nursery in Grand Haven, Michigan and Walters Gardens in Zeeland, Michigan produce superior plant varieties under the Proven Winners®, Proven Selections®, and Proven Winners ColorChoice® names. Plants are then sold as liners to wholesale growers who produce finished plants for sale to landscapers, resorts, garden centers, and commercial properties across North America.

In addition to these companies, the Proven Winners team includes international horticultural experts, each of whom makes a substantial contribution to our growing program. It’s a partnership that provides quality plant material and innovative ideas to support the continued evolution of Proven Winners. Our unique and innovative plants are grown from material bred by a network of top international breeders, from South Africa, Germany, Holland, Japan, Australia, Great Britain, and beyond.


What Do We Do?

The goals of Proven Winners are to introduce the best, most unique, high-performing plants, to produce them under the highest-quality standards, and to market the plants innovatively. Proven Winners plants are developed to outperform all other plants and are unsurpassed in terms of flowering display, growth habit, disease resistance, and landscape performance. And we have been successful in achieving that goal. Our plants have won more University Performance Trial awards throughout North America than any other plant brand.

Every plant that is chosen to become a Proven Winners selection has passed a lengthy series of tests lasting two to three years. This extensive trial process allows us to rigorously test the varieties for performance in numerous greenhouse and landscape performance situations throughout the world. This is why very few varieties are selected to become Proven Winners!


How Do We Do It?

Each and every Proven Winners plant begins its life in a laboratory to ensure it is free of viral contaminants and plant diseases. The commitment to excellence from the very early stages of the plants life guarantees you will be putting the very best plant into your landscapes. No other plant line goes through such an extensive, thorough, and rigorous plant trial and selection process.

When you choose Proven Winners for your landscape, you can count on plants that will deliver exceptional quality, beauty, proven performance, and something unique and interesting to the landscape. You can also count on the Proven Winners team to ensure that colorful, vigorous varieties of Proven Winners have been chosen to grace your success.

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