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Summerific® Week | 1st week of August

Summerific® Collection

Summerific® Week is the coordinated effort of garden centers, media & influencers, consumers, and industry professionals to post Summerific® Hibiscus related content during the first full week of August each year. The goal of this program is to take advantage of the natural excitement created when hardy hibiscus bloom. Summerific® Week seeks to both raise awareness about this incredible native perennial and encourage homeowners to continue gardening through the end of summer. Last year, more than 4,000,000 impressions were created on social media in support of this program.

Follow #SummerificWeek on Instagram to view the best of Summerific® Week and get inspired for 2023!

Ways to take Advantage of Summerific® Week


1. Educate Yourself & Your Staff on Hardy Hibiscus

Knowing what makes these plants special and how they differ from other Hibiscus will help you create more informative social media content and answer customer questions. Check out for all you need to know about these plants.

2. Be Creative with Your Posts

Do more than just the flower close up. They’re incredible plants capable of incredible photos. If you want to see what others are doing, follow #SummerificWeek on Instagram

3. Post more than Once

This is event marketing. In order to get your customers to notice and engage with Summerific® Week you should post multiple times during and leading up to the event

4. Tag Local

If you’re boosting, sharing, or hashtagging posts, be sure to include info on where you’re located or how to order from you. Adding location data or region specific

5. Put 'em Up Front

Hardy Hibiscus are an impulse buy. 8” flowers make them easy to spot in the back of the store. Imagine how they’ll turn heads up front or where they’re visible from the road!





Use #SummerificWeek on Facebook or Instagram from August 6-12, 2023


 Summerific® Graphics

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