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Plant Shipping Information and Container Size

Our shipping season begins in April and continues through October. Generally, plants that are in stock will be shipped within a week after your order is received.

We ship to the continental 48 states and the District of Columbia. At this time, we are unable to ship plants to Canada.


We ship all of our plants via Fed-Ex Home Delivery (Ground) service.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email the following morning that contains the FedEx tracking information.

Approximate Shipping Costs


Order Total Shipping Cost
$0.00-$24.99  $15.95
$25.00-$49.99  $18.95
$50.00-$74.99  $21.95
$75.00-$99.99  $23.95
$100.00-$124.99  $25.95
$125.00-$149.99  $27.95
$150.00+  18% of total order

Please refer to the zone shipping table below for orders placed AFTER November 1 and BEFORE April 1.

What's my zone?

Zone Estimated Spring Ship Date
10 4th Week of March
9 1st Week of April
8 2nd Week of April
7 3rd Week of April
6 4th Week of April
5 1st Week of May
4 2nd Week of May
3 3rd Week of May
2 4th Week of May

Customer Comments:

"I was very worried about ordering your bushes by mail, as some are not available locally. I buy Proven Winners from a garden center all the time, so I should have realized that you know what you are doing. All 3 bushes arrived in wonderful condition with beautiful buds - can't wait to see them bloom! Out of all 3 bushes only one leaf came off during shipping and not a single branch was broken."

Jeanne in Denver, CO
"Very happy with the plants. I have ordered plants from several places, but the shrubs I received from Proven Winners came in great condition and they have adjusted well and are growing well! They look healthy and pretty. Thank you!"

Joan in Chatsworth, GA
"Very satisfied! I just wanted to tell someone that I am thrilled with my recent Proven Winners experience. I ordered a hydrangea and a hibiscus. Both arrived in excellent, undamaged condition and were waiting on my front stoop when I arrived home (I had both in the ground within the hour!)."

4.50 Grande Annual

Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® annuals are offered in 4.50 Grande containers.  This is an excellent size to start with when creating your own hanging baskets or combination containers. Plants of this size can also be planted directly into landscapes.

8"/1 Gallon Annual Container Gardens

Proven Winners® annual combinations are offered in 8"/1 gallon containers.  These pre-assembled combinations can be planted directly into your own containers and hanging baskets.  They are all ready to go. Just remove the container, add soil, plant food and water.

Flower Pillow

The Flower Pillow includes everything you need to grow a gorgeous container of flowers. The pre-assembled, 5” x 8”, flower-filled pillow is perfectly sized to fit your 12”-14” container, hanging basket or window box. To plant, simply water the pillow, then place it in your container, covering it with potting soil leaving just the base of the plants above the soil line. Water it again after planting to help the soil settle, then sit back and watch it grow.
The Flower Pillow is an eco-friendly, biodegradable sac that is designed like a tea bag. It keeps all of the good soil packed in around the roots, but is thin enough to allow the roots to grow right through it to fill your container.

1 Quart Perennial

Proven Winners® perennials in 1 quart size containers are generally 1 year old plants. This is an excellent size to start with when using perennials in combination containers, but can be used in the landscape, where it is perfect for those who want to start small and watch them grow.

8"/1 Gallon Perennial

Proven Winners® perennials in 1 gallon containers are generally 2 year old plants. This size is meant to offer that 'instant garden' as quickly as possible. They are an excellent choice for planting in your landscape or in large containers.

1 Quart Shrub

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs in 1 quart containers are generally 1 year old plants and approximately 6-7 inches tall. They will take several years to mature. They are an excellent size to start with when using shrubs in combination containers and can also be planted in the landscape.

8"/1 Gallon Shrub

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs in 1 gallon containers are generally a 2 year old plant and approximately 10--12 inches tall. This size is meant to offer that 'instant garden' as quickly as possible. This size is also great if you have lost a mature plant in your garden and need something to replace it that won't look quite so out of place.

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