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Plant Shipping Information and Container Size

Generally plants that are in stock will ship within a week after we receive the order.

To cancel or change orders you must speak to a customer service representative at 815-899-1973 or 815-895-8130. You can only cancel or change orders that haven't entered the shipping fulfillment process.

In SPRING ONLY we ship according to plant zones. Refer to the shipping table below to see when your SPRING order is scheduled to ship. 

What's my zone?

Zone Estimated Spring Ship Date
10 Week of April 2
9 Week of April 9
8 Week of April 16
7 Week of April 23
6 Week of April 30
5 Week of May 7
4 Week of May 14
3 Week of May 21
2 Week of May 28

Our shipping season begins in early April and continues through early November, weather permitting.

Plants are shipped via Fed-Ex Home Delivery (Ground) service. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email the following morning with the FedEx tracking information.

We ship to the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia. We are unable to ship plants to Canada.

Approximate Shipping Costs

Order Total Shipping Cost
$0.00-$24.99 $15.95
$25.00-$49.99 $18.95
$50.00-$74.99 $21.95
$75.00-$99.99 $23.95
$100.00-$124.99 $25.95
$125.00-$149.99 $27.95
$150.00+ 18% of Order Total


Customer Comments:

"I would just like to tell you how happy I am with the way you package your flowers. I received my packages today, and right on the box it read this side up. Well of course I found it laying on its side. If your employees had not packaged those flowers so securely, I would have had a big mess. Before moving to Florida, I could always get Proven Winners at the nurseries in Michigan. Not a great selection down here, so I decided to order online and so far I am very satisfied. Thank you very much."   RoseAnne in Florida

"Very happy with the plants. I have ordered plants from several places, but the shrubs I received from Proven Winners came in great condition and they have adjusted well and are growing well! They look healthy and pretty. Thank you!"  Joan in Chatsworth, GA

"Just wanted to thank you for offering the Flower Pillows this year!  I saw Laura's (Garden Answer) video about them, and ordered one to try it right away!  I'm pleased that it arrived so quickly, well packed, and ready for planting. It's so healthy it already has some blooms!  Easier than planting most individual annuals and will be a great addition and super pop of color for my patio!  I'm sure I'll be ordering more!  Proven Winners live up to the name!" Linda in Texas


"I recently received an order from you that was in perfect condition. Boxed carefully and still moist to the touch. This has been one of numerous orders and I would like to compliment your company on the health and condition of the plants, well packaged and good delivery. My pinky hydrangeas and petunias are taking off!" A faithful customer.


4.25 Grande Annual

Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® annuals are offered in 4.25 Grande containers. This is an excellent size to create hanging baskets, combination containers and plant in your landscape.

1 Gallon Annual Container Gardens

Proven Winners® annual combinations are offered in 1 gallon containers. These pre-assembled combinations can be planted directly into your own containers and hanging baskets.


Flower Pillow®

The pre-assembled, 6” x 4”, flower-filled pillow is perfectly sized to fit your 12”-14” container, hanging basket or window box.

1 Quart Perennial

Proven Winners® perennials in quart size containers are generally 1 year old plants. This is an excellent size to start with for those who want to start small and watch them grow.

1 Gallon Perennial

Proven Winners® perennials in 1 gallon containers are generally 2 year old plants. This size is meant to offer that 'instant garden' as quickly as possible. They are an excellent choice for planting in your landscape or in large containers.

1 Quart Shrub

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs in 1 quart containers are generally 1 year old plants and approximately 4-6 inches tall. They will take several years to mature.

1 Gallon Shrub

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs in 1 gallon containers are generally a 2 year old plant and approximately 10-12 inches tall. This size is meant to offer that 'instant garden' as quickly as possible.

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