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Need Social Media Ideas?


Sample Social Media Graphics

Gardening audiences are changing rapidly, skewing younger and more tech savvy every year. They’re learning to garden online through a broad array of social media networks and look online before they buy. If your company doesn’t exist on social media, it simply does not exist in the minds of the next generation of gardeners.

At Proven Winners, our team of social media specialists has found great success in customizing our social media graphics and content to suit the style of our social channels: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. If you follow us, you’ll notice we post targeted, specific content that encourages our followers to interact with us and share our content. Many of our posts link to additional online content. We want to inspire and educate our fans, as well as provide a friendly forum where they can ask questions that are answered quickly.

As a retail customer of Proven Winners, you have the exclusive benefit of obtaining our social media graphics to use on your own channels. We offer a wide range of graphics in these categories:

  • Combination inspiration
  • Landscape escape
  • Fantastic foliage
  • Macros of flowers
  • New arrivals and ideas

To obtain our graphics for your use on social media, please email Jessica.

Top Tips for Managing
Social Media

  1. Target your audience.
    Tweak your content to satisfy the audience for each social media platform.
  2. Wow them with pictures.
    Use eye-catching, professional quality photos, sized appropriately.  Feel free to use our photo library.
  3. Keep posts concise.
    The fewer words the better. Link to further information.  Save time by linking to our ready-made content online.
  4. Include plant names.
    Shoppers need to know exactly what to look for.
  5. Time your posts.
    Give gardeners ideas just ahead of when they'll need them.
  6. Analyze your efforts.
    Study the analytics of each social media platform and refine your strategy from there.

Retail Account Manager:

Jessica DeGraaf - (616) 706-7970


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