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Proven Winners® Premium Potting Soil and Plant Food for Gardeners

Get more out of your garden this year – with Proven Winners' help!

Give your flowers what they need and they will return the favor! You spend a lot on flowers, so make sure they have the best soil, fertilizer and watering you can give them as well! Here are 4 ways to simplify your success this year using Proven Winner’s garden supplies!

• 1.5 cu. ft.

• 16 qt.


Proven Winners® Premium All Purpose Potting Soil
Proven Winners Premium Potting Soil is a professional grade soil for homeowner use made from a blend of composted bark, premium Canadian Sphagnum peat moss and horticultural grade perlite.  The product comes in two sizes – a 1.5 cu. ft. bag, which is perfect for outdoor container use, and a 16 qt. bag, perfect for indoor use and for smaller outdoor containers.

The 1.5 cubic ft. bag comes premixed with Proven Winners 15-7-15 + Minors Premium Continuous Release Plant Food, which provides a continuous nutrient release to help ensure consistent feeding while providing a base level of nutrition.  Both the 1.5 cu. ft. and 16 qt. sizes contain dolomite lime to buffer soil pH, and a wetting agent for thorough water distribution.  

The result is a medium weight mix with excellent air porosity and drainage - all important features to give you the best growth and most vibrant, colorful flowers, and healthy vegetables.  Note – to achieve optimal growth results with both products, we recommend using Proven Winners Premium Water Soluble Plant Food every 1-2 weeks after planting.

Nut Allergies? All Proven Winners potting soil bags contain a statement that product may be produced at a plant that uses composted nuts, however, this is a regulatory requirement. We do not use any nut compost at any of our production facilities and the ingredient statement on the back of the bag says this product includes: Sphagnum peat Moss, Composted bark, Perlite and fertilizer ingredients. Additionally, no compost is not used.


• 2.5 lb.

It is critical for you understand the importance of regular feeding of your plants! Just like people – your flowers need food and water to provide you with constant color!  When growing plants in containers, the food must be added to the container or basket since the plant has no other way to get nutrients. Our mix in water fertilizer can be added each time you water your plants, it provides all the necessary nutrients to keep your plants going strong.

Proven Winners® Water Soluble Plant Food
Unique 24-12-17 NPK ratio designed specifically by Proven Winners to maximize flowering and plant growth.
Only consumer plant food which includes Iron in the important EDDHA form designed to keep plants green at
varying pH ranges.  Material Safety Data Sheet


• 2.5 lb.

• 2 oz.

Designed with the lazy gardener in mind, our Continuous Release Plant Food provides all the same nutrients but in granular form so you only need to apply once or twice each season! One application every six months is all you’ll need as our plant food delivers nutrients only when the weather is warm and plants are actively growing. It won’t waste plant food during cold months when plants don’t need it.

Proven Winners® Continuous Release Plant Food
Unique 15-7-15 NPK ratio designed specifically by Proven Winners to maximize flowering and plant growth.
Feeds plants for 6-months with only one application. Material Safety Data Sheet

WaterWise® Container Watering Kit by Proven Winners®
The WaterWise® system is a simple way to help you effortlessly water all of your containers at once – you can literally set it and forget it! One kit contains everything you need to water up to ten containers or 30 feet of garden beds on a single faucet. Additional kits can be used to expand the system to water up to 30 containers from one faucet. WaterWise® is perfect for busy people who don’t have time to water and eco-conscious gardeners who are interested in saving water by using drip irrigation.

Click here to read more about the WaterWise® Container Watering Kit.


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