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Water Test Kit Test Results Match Your Water Alkalinity Correct Fertilizer

SKU: PW0026

Test your water before placing your order for the Proven Winners Professional Greenhouse Water Soluble Fertilizers. A water test is needed in order to match the water alkalinity to the correct fertilizer product. Once Proven Winners receives your water test results we will recommend one of our 6 formulas. You will receive an email with your water test results and the recommended formula. The link that is provided in the email will take you to the correct fertilizer for ordering.

When ordering, please indicate your propagator's name in the customer comment area.

4-3-14 + Minors Low Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA
16-4-16 + Minors Moderate Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA
18-5-18 + Minors Moderately High Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA
17-4-17 + Minors High Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA
12-3-12 + Minors Cold Weather Formula with FeEDDHA.
16-4-8 + Minors Greening/pH Reducing Formula with FeEDDHA.

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