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2023 National Recipes and Plants of the Year

National Recipe Program for 2023

Grow what works! Our growers have trialed and selected three unique recipes featuring some of our most popular varieties for 2023. They work as hanging baskets, upright recipes or complex recipes with a thriller. Plant them in our self-watering AquaPots® and you'll have a surefire hit!

Acapulco Sun

Superbells® Coralina Calibrachoa
Supertunia® Bermuda Beach® Petunia
Superbena® Peachy Keen Verbena hybrid
Suggeted Thriller: Stratosphere White Gaura

Misty Seas

Supertunia Mini Vista® Indigo Petunia
Supertunia Mini Vista® Violet Star Petunia
Supertunia Mini Vista® White Petunia
Suggeted Thriller: Graceful Grasses® Blue Mohawk®  Juncus

Rockin' Rush

Supertunia® Raspberry Rush Petunia
Goldilocks Rocks® Bidens
Superbena® Whiteout Verbena
Suggeted Thriller: Graceful Grasses® 'Sky Rocket'  Pennisetum setaceum

Heartfelt Wonder
HEART TO HEART® 'White Wonder' Caladium
HEART TO HEART® 'Scarlet Flame' Caladium

by Proven Winners®

Techno White Tall Round

Techno White Flat Rim Round

Pallet - (Pro Shop)


National Recipe Program for 2023


Globe Amaranth

Let's Dance Can Do!®

Reblooming Hydrangea

Limelight Prime®

Panicle Hydrangea

Purple Pillar®

Rose of Sharon




Bring Nature Inside

'Feeling Flirty'



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