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The Flower Pillow® from Proven Winners includes everything you need to grow a gorgeous container of flowers. The pre-assembled, 6” x 4”, flower-filled pillow is perfectly sized to fit your 12”-14” container, hanging basket or window box.

We suggest when unpacking the Flower Pillow® to tip box on its side and open from the bottom. To plant, simply water the pillow, then place it in your container, covering it with potting soil leaving just the base of the plants above the soil line. Water it again after planting to help the soil settle, then sit back and watch it grow.
The Flower Pillow® is an eco-friendly, biodegradable sac that is designed like a tea bag. It keeps all of the good soil packed in around the roots, but is thin enough to allow the roots to grow right through it to fill your container. Choose from an assortment of our popular flower recipes. There’s never been an easier, cleaner, faster way to plant flowers.

Flower Pillow® FAQs

Can I leave the Flower Pillow in the plastic tray and grow it that way, or do I have to plant it in a container?
Plants need plenty of soil in which to grow, so we recommend that you plant your Flower Pillow as soon as possible. When you receive your Flower Pillow, the root system will be ready to take off and grow quickly, so to prevent it from slowing down, be sure to plant it right away. Don’t let it dry out before planting.  Please note that the tray does have holes in the bottom and will not hold much excess water, therefore do not allow them to sit on a table or other surface that may be damaged by water.  If you are not able to plant immediately, consider putting a half inch of water in a pie pan and set the Flower Pillow (without the plastic tray) in the water - allowing it to become fully hydrated.  After 5 minutes, place the Flower Pillow back into the plastic tray.  You can repeat this process as needed, but remember the Flower Pillow is ready to be planted and will perform best in a container with proper soil.

What is the best kind of soil to plant my Flower Pillow in?
Although the soil in the Flower Pillow contains a bit of starter fertilizer, we recommend planting it in Proven Winners Premium Potting Soil or an all-purpose potting soil that contains fertilizer. If you are unable to use potting soil with fertilizer incorporated, add your own continuous release plant food and follow a regular feeding program using water soluble plant food for best growth and flowering performance.

Do I need to remove the paper before I plant my Flower Pillow?
No, you should not remove the paper from your Flower Pillow before planting as this could damage the plants’ roots. The tea bag-like paper will naturally degrade over time.

Will the roots grow through the paper?
Yes, the tea bag-like paper was designed to be thin enough that roots can easily grow through it. Roots are stronger than you might expect!

The paper on my Flower Pillow seems to be ripping and breaking apart. Is that OK?
Yes, this is completely normal and to be expected. The process of biodegrading starts immediately and will not damage the root system.

There is green algae on the "tea bag". Is that a problem?
No, this is normal and it will not affect the performance of the Flower Pillow.

What is the Flower Pillow made of? 
The Flower Pillow is made out of a sustainable, natural fiber harvested from coconut husks called coir.  

Can I plant my Flower Pillow in the ground or only in a container?
You may choose to plant your Flower Pillow in the ground or in containers. If you plant it in the ground, cover it with mulch and water it daily for the first two weeks until the roots establish themselves into the surrounding soil. Never let your plants dry out to the point of wilting.

How do I plant my Flower Pillow?

  1. Fill your container most of the way up with good quality potting soil that contains plant food. We recommend Proven Winners Premium Potting Soil.
  2. Remove the plastic tray from the Flower Pillow and recycle it.  You can also remove the rubber band by simply cutting it as it was used to hold the product in place during shipping.
  3. Set the Flower Pillow on top of the soil, leaving enough room to cover it up to the base of the plants with soil.
  4. Cover your Flower Pillow with potting soil, making sure no paper is showing when you are finished.
  5. Water your Flower Pillow-filled container to settle it in place. If any of the paper is showing after you water it in, add a little more soil to cover it. Add mulch to conserve moisture during hot days.
  6. Enjoy!

How deep should I bury the Flower Pillow in the soil?
Set the Flower Pillow into a flower bed or container and cover it with good soil up to the base of the plants. You want to make sure the roots are covered, but not the foliage. None of the paper should be showing once you are finished planting it. Mulch will help conserve moisture in the soil.

How often should I water my Flower Pillow once it is planted?
The first couple of weeks after planting is the most critical, since the roots are just beginning to get established in your container or landscape. You may need to water daily during that time to make sure the plants don’t dry out. Once they are established, water your Flower Pillow as often as you water your other containers. Plants grown in sun will dry out more quickly than those grown in shade, and thus will require more frequent watering. Mulch is helpful in conserving soil moisture.

How often should I feed the plants in my Flower Pillow?
We recommend planting your Flower Pillow in soil that contains continuous release plant food. Follow up by feeding with water soluble plant food at every third watering to optimize growth and flowering performance.

How long can I expect the plants in my Flower Pillow to bloom?
Flowers grown in a Flower Pillow will bloom just as long as they would if you had planted them from individual containers. Feeding and watering them regularly will keep them blooming strong all season long.

How many plants will be included with my Flower Pillow?
Your Flower Pillow will come pre-planted with five plants. This is a tremendous value if you consider what it might cost to purchase these plants individually and assemble the combination yourself.  In addition to having the plants already growing together, creates a very balanced planting.

Do you ship outside of the United States?
No, this product is currently only available in the United States.

Is this product available from local garden centers?
No, this product is currently only available from Proven Winners' online store.



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