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SUPERTUNIA® Raspberry Rush Petunia 

Destined to be a top seller, this dynamite Supertunia has major impulse appeal. Lush plants are covered in raspberry pink and white patterned flowers early and last all season without deadheading.

• Great heat and humidity tolerance
• Grow in containers, recipes, hanging baskets, monocultures and landscapes
• 6-12" height; 18-24" spread
• Part sun to sun
• Vigor 3

SUPERBELLS® Double Amber Calibrachoa

Elegant gold blossoms with amber venation are fully double, produced on robust
plants early in the season. This unique color represents a color expansion to the
Superbells Double line.

• Screened for Thielaviopsis resistance
• Grow in containers, hanging baskets, recipes and monocultures
• 6-12" height; 12-24" spread
• Part sun to sun
• Vigor 2

SUNSTAR Lavender Pantas

Breakthrough breeding; easy for both northern and southern growers to produce without supplemental lighting. Extra-large flower clusters top full plants that present beautifully in containers and landscapes.

• Durable in summer heat and humidity
• Grow in containers, upright recipes, monocultures and landscapes
• 18-22" height; 16-24" spread
• Part sun to to sun
• Vigor 2


'Firefly Sunshine' Achillea

One of the very best yarrows for summerlong color. Bright yellow flowers top the tall, sturdy stems that won’t lodge like some yarrows. Beautifullycontrasting, deep gray-green foliage.

• Blooms early summer-late summer; good rebloom when cut back
• Deer and rabbit resistant
• Attracts pollinators
• Zones 3-8
• 28-30" height; 24-28" spread
• Full sun

‘Jack of Diamonds’ Brunnera

Similar to ‘Jack Frost’ but more resistant to anthracnose with larger leaves that overlap
dramatically at the base like ‘Escargot’ Begonia. Finishes from small plugs the same season.

• Blooms mid-spring – late spring
• Deer resistant, bee-friendly
• Average to consistent moisture
• Zones 3-8
• 14-16" foliage height; 30" flower height;28-32" spread
• Part shade to shade

COLOR CODED ‘Orange You Awesome’ Echinacea 

Selected for its excellent basal branching, longlasting bloom performance and large, full flowers. Produced from tissue culture to ensure uniformity in color and habit.
• Tangerine orange flowers with faint red halo remain attractive as they age
• Earlier to bloom, midsummer – late summer
• Deer resistant; attracts pollinators
• Zones 4-8
• 18-22" height; 16-20" spread
• Part sun to sun


INTERSTELLA Pieris japonica 

• 3-4' tall and wide
• USDA zones 5-8
• Flowering evergreen
• Lantern-like, ruby blooms last for weeks
• Star-shaped, red new growth
• Deer resistant


• 3-4' tall and wide
• USDA zones 4-8
• Unique two-toned flowers with distinct eye
• Flowers age to cream and pink for a
multi-colored effect
• Flowers all season with no deadheading
• Glossy, disease resistant foliage
• Winner of six international awards


• 4-6' tall and wide
• USDA zones 2-8
• Classic lilac fragrance
• Dense, semi dwarf habit
• Double violet to purple florets
• Mildew resistant
• Deer resistant



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