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How to Plant Articles

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Impatiens is a stalwart annual in shade gardens and with good reason. However, bedding Impatiens are susceptible to downy mildew.  Read this article to understand what the disease is, whether you should be worried or not and what possible replacements for Impatiens are out there.

Learn about the newest Proven Winners® shrubs.

It seems simple, plants are either annuals or perennials.  Right?  Well, it gets a bit more complicated than that.  Annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees are the most common types of plants, but biennials and temperennials are available too.

Learn to talk the language of Hydrangeas and find out what all of the different terms used to describe and/or refer to Hydrangeas mean.

Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip' Buddleia (butterfly bush)

Learn how to maximize the potential of your garden plantings with tips on everying from bed prep to design to maintenance.

See photos and commentary on Kerry's garden in 2012.

Just as a pretty garden makes you happy, beautiful plantings in cities make a difference. In this article, read about towns in a national awards program that recognizes excellence.

Learn how this new lilac can add color and fragrance to your garden for months rather than weeks.

Learn how you can support breast cancer research while adding beauty to your garden.

Hydrangeas.  Lilacs.  Buddleia.  These are classic shrubs, and for good reason.  And if you’ve ever grown and enjoyed these garden classics, you’ll love what’s coming this spring from Proven Winners® ColorChoice®.

Showing 21 - 30 of 55.
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