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Hot Colors

Three different color pallets to brighten up your yard.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I am going to include tons of pictures with ideas to inspire your own creativity.


Contributors: Kerry Meyer

Campfire Flame Bidens

I have an affinity for plants with hot colored blooms.  These bright shades are great for summer planters and garden beds. Let’s start with our new Bidens CAMPFIRE® Flame Bidens.  The scarlet-red and golden-yellow bicolor blooms are fun and unique and the plant is very heat tolerant.  When the temperatures get cool in the fall the flowers turn burnt orange.

Blended Family- This combination can work any time of the year with its rich peach and pumpkin tones. The black is just enough to make everything pop!




Mystic Illusion

Dahlias are beloved for very good reasons—the large flowers, a wide range of colors and lots of blooms on each plant are just a start.  Our new series – Dahlightful, along with Mystic Illusion dahlia gives us our first four Dahlias for Proven Winners®Let’s start with Mystic Illusion, which is probably my favorite Dahlia ever and for good reason.  It has demonstrated very good heat tolerance, which can be an issue with Dahlia.  Add in flowers that are as close to neon yellow as you can get in nature and deep black foliage and you get pure WOW!  It does well in both landscapes and containers.  It is a good-sized plant, so if you use it in a combination, think large – you’ll want to start with a container at least 14” in diameter.





Mojave® Portulaca which comes in 5 colors:  Mojave® Fuchsia, Mojave® Pink, Mojave® Red, Mojave® Tangerine and Mojave® Yellow.  Portulaca are brightly colored, extremely drought tolerant, super heat tolerant and just as tough as can be.  If you love easy, no care plants, this series is just what you are looking for!  They are versatile enough to work in landscape beds and containers, whether alone or in a combination. 






Sometimes you unexpectedly fall in love, and for me Sunsatia® Blood Orange Nemesia is one of the plants I didn’t think I’d love, but I absolutely do.  The range of color is from golden orange, through pumpkin and into vermillion.  It is eye-catching, ever-changing and absolutely lovely.  This is a plant that can take a really hard frost while still happily blooming, which makes it a natural for early spring and fall plantings, while having the heat tolerance to flower through the summer as well.  It is most often used in containers, but is a fine landscape plant as well.

Mix It Up - Red is a natural to mix with orange, on a color-wheel they are next door neighbors.  The deep shade of Supertunia® Black Cherry is a great way to add depth to the oranges of Sunsatia® Blood Orange.




Supertunia® Honey is the last of our new annuals for the year and it is a beauty.  The colors of these blooms range from yellow through pink and amber and into coral tones.  The color changes in part due to environment, in part due to fertilizer and in part due to moisture.  Every time you look at it you will see something different.  As with all Supertunia® petunias it is wonderful both in the landscape and containers, especially in combination planters.

With its color-changing capacity it makes an ideal plant to highlight alone in a container. It is, however, really fun to play with in containers.

Refreshing -  Is made up of the green and cream variegation of Graceful Grasses® ‘Sky Rocket’, Supertunia® Honey and Sunsatia® Blood Orange Nemesia.




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