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How to Plant Articles

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Learn when is the best time to plant your annuals, perennials, and shrubs.

You can make your gardening life a lot easier by simply choosing the right plant for each spot in your garden.

This article explains the ins and outs of hardening-off plants so they are better able to handle the rigors of the outside environment.

This article covers the basics on using color in your garden bed.

Short definitions and descriptions of many of the horticultural terms used on this website.

My plant was flowering and now it's stopped. Why did it stop and more importantly how do I make it start flowering again? This article will go over some of the top reasons why plants go out of bloom.

Learn how your choice of container and soil and correct watering and fertilizing practices will produce great planters.

Apply an organic mulch on most established ornamental plants in mid-spring when the soil has warmed sufficiently for active root growth.

Weeds can make ornamental plantings look unsightly. Weeds also may harbor insects and diseases that may cause problems on more desirable ornamental plants. 


A landscape filled with mature, vigorous plants is the dream we all have when we plant perennials. Where they settle in happily, they thrive and multiply, and are ready to be divided after a few years. Here are some tips on how to divide and transplant perennials successfully. 

Showing 51 - 60 of 61.
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