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Container Gardening Articles

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Growing perennials and shrubs in containers has become an increasingly popular. If all you want is the summer color and have no expectations of the plant coming back the next spring, growing a perennial or shrub in a pot is easy. If you are trying to overwinter the plant in the pot, things become a bit more challenging. This article will explain how to grow and overwinter perennials and shrubs in containers.

Learn how your choice of container and soil and correct watering and fertilizing practices will produce great planters.

Read about the Dallas Arboretums Plant of the Month.

Whether they're used to spruce up a party, your home, or given as a gift, the versatility of potted plants make them the ultimate living centerpiece!


Let your patriotism shine through with these ideas for adding red, white and blue to your garden and patio containers

Any object that can hold soil and has drainage can be used as a planter.

Showing 31 - 36 of 36.
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