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Meet the 2020 National Plants of the Year

Ready to grow a gorgeous garden? Start with these top award-winning annuals, perennials and shrubs which are ready to flourish in your containers and landscape. 

Ready to grow a gorgeous garden? Start with these top award-winning annuals, perennials and shrubs which are ready to flourish in your containers and landscape. Retailers across North America are stocking up on all of the National Plants of the Year for 2020.

National Plants of the Year are selected by these criteria:

  • Easy to Grow - It shouldn’t take an expert to grow beautiful flowers.
  • Outstanding in containers and landscapes - Delivers a knockout performance in containers and landscapes.
  • Readily Available - Easy to find locally or online.
  • Iconic - Possesses an iconic style and performance unmatched by lookalikes 

Check out all of our National Plants of the Year below, then head on over to find detailed planting and growing advice for each at



Annual of the Year – Diamond Collection of Euphorbia

With a delicate appearance but rock-solid constitution, this trio of Diamond euphorbia will easily become your go-to for containers and landscapes in sun or shade. Their wispy white blossoms enhance everything you’ll plant them with. No matter where in the world you garden, it’s easy to grow these gorgeous flowers!


‘Coast to Coast’ Hosta

This golden beauty stands out in the shadows with its tall, arching shape that leaves just enough room for a low carpet of groundcover at its feet. Its wavy leaves take on puckering as they mature, giving the plant even more character as it ages. Grow it in morning sun and it’ll brighten to soft sunshine yellow.

‘Denim ‘n Lace’

No more messy Russian sages for your garden! This neatly upright, robust cultivar is easy to fit into any perennial border without overrunning its neighbors. Fully grown, it’s about the size of a clump of daylilies. Dense panicles of bright sky blue flowers appear above the aromatic, green foliage from midsummer into fall.  

Gem Box® Ilex

You might mistake this dwarf 2-3 foot tall evergreen for boxwood, but it’s actually a hardy inkberry holly. It can be shaped into hedges, balls and container specimens too, but is disease resistant, making it a great alternative to boxwood. Plant this native shrub in sun to part sun and watch it thrive.





Oso Easy Double Red®

There is so much to love about this easy to grow landscape rose. Its vivid red blossoms are held on long stems above lustrous deep green foliage that resists both powdery mildew and black spot. The flowers are self-cleaning, so there’s no need to remove the spent ones as they appear all summer long. This is one amazing rose!

Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea arborescens

Meet the one and only smooth hydrangea with ruby blossoms! Deep buds open to two-toned ruby and silvery pink mophead flowers that bloom reliably every year on the current season’s stems. It’s a good rebloomer too, so you’ll get fresh flowers coming from summer into fall. Strong stems and dark foliage round out this amazing hydrangea.

Blue Chiffon®
Hibiscus syriacus

This multiple award-winning rose of Sharon blooms in a unique shade of true blue, a color rarely found in the late summer and fall garden. Its anemone-like blossoms attract butterflies and hummingbirds and it sets few to no viable seeds. Leave plenty of space in a sunny spot for this 8-12 foot tall shrub to reach its full potential.


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