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26 Fall-blooming Flowers to Grow in Your Autumn Garden

Use these tried-and-true fall flowers to brighten up your landscape with a final burst of color before the season winds down. 

Contributors: Janet Loughrey

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purple fall daisy

African Daisy

Daisy-like flowers come in a wide range of hues, with flat or unique spoon-shaped petals. Use in containers, mass plantings or as edging along pathways and borders. 

Bright Lights Horizon Sunset is appropriately named with pink, purple, orange and salmon to coral tones featured in the ever-changing flowers.

Annual except in zones 9-11, part sun to sun, 8-12” tall


yellow fall flowers


The vigorous trailing habit and petite daisy-like flowers make bidens one of the best yellow fall flowers for containers and beds. Combine with other fall annuals such as purple fountain grass and sweet potato vine. Goldilocks Rocks® produces large yellow blooms 3” across.

Annual except in zones 9-11, sun, 8-14” tall

annual fall flowers


Small petunia-like flowers bloom prolifically in an endless array of colors and patterns. The trailing or spreading habit is suited to mass plantings, containers, baskets and window boxes. Superbells® Double Twilight has soft double lavender petals netted with deep purple veins. It’s a gorgeous flower.

Annual except in zones 9-11, part sun to sun, 6-12” tall

tropical fall flower

Canna Lily

Add tropical flair to the landscape with large banana-like leaves and flowers in bold hues of red, yellow or orange. Plant this rhizomatous annual in a mixed border, mass plantings or containers. Toucan® Scarlet has red flowers and bronze-tinted foliage.

Annual except in zones 8-11, part sun to sun, 30-48” tall, deer resistant

blue fall flowers


Whimsical frilly flowers combine well with other annuals in containers or borders. Though colors come in pink, purple and white, it’s the true-blue varieties that are most coveted. Artist® Blue has purple buds with soft violet-blue flowers. The newest addition to the Artist series is Pearl, which is white. New flowers bury the old flowers so the flowers always look fresh.

Annual except in zones 9-10, part sun to sun, 8-12” tall

garden mums

Garden Mums

Chrysanthemums are a classic choice for fall porches and patios. They are easy to grow and loaded with flowers in red, yellow, purple, orange, white, pink, and more. Morgana Red has beautiful dark red flowers that attract butterflies. 

Annual except in zones 7-9, sun, 12-24" tall

fall daisies

Marguerite Daisy

Cheerful daisy-like flowers and finely cut foliage brighten up beds, containers and cottage-style borders. Golden Butterfly® is more heat tolerant than older varieties, producing fall flowers continuously without deadheading.

Annual except in zones 10-11, part sun to sun, 18-36” tall

scented fall flowers


Petite orchid-like scented flowers come in a broad array of pastel or bright hues. The trailing spreading habit is versatile in containers, hanging baskets or massed in the landscape. Aromance® Pink has soft pink flowers with a yellow center, best of all it has lovely fragrance. It’s a great plant for fall.

Annual except in zones 8-10, part sun to sun, 10-12” tall

fall petunia


Trumpet-shaped flowers occur in nearly every color and pattern imaginable. The mounding or cascading habit is suitable for containers, hanging baskets and beds. Supertunia Vista® Jazzberry® has fall garden flowers in a star pattern of hot pink and white.

Annual except in zones 10-11, part sun to sun, 6-12” tall

fall phlox


Phlox are long-blooming annuals or perennials, with forms ranging from creeping to upright. Star-shaped flowers occur in hues of white, blue, purple, pink, orange or bicolors. Intensia® Blueberry is an annual variety with purple-blue flowers that last until frost.

Annual except in zones 10-11, sun, 10-16” tall

salvia flowers


Salvia is one of the best fall flowers to plant, with long-lasting spiky blooms in a range of colors and forms. This annual or perennial makes a versatile addition to beds, borders and containers. Unplugged® Pink is an annual with intense blue flowers that bloom until frost.

Annual except in zones 7-10, part sun to sun, 24-48” tall, deer resistant



The silvery foliage of this tough plant contrasts beautifully with masses of button-like yellow flowers. The trailing or mounding habit of Flambe® Yellow is suitable for hanging baskets, as a groundcover or massed along a slope.

Annual except in zones 9-10, sun, 8-14” tall

fall sunflower


Sunflowers are the quintessential late-season flower, with disk-shaped blooms in cheerful shades of yellow, red, orange, bronze or white. Add height to borders, kitchen gardens and natural landscapes. Suncredible® Saturn blooms for several weeks longer than other varieties, providing color well into fall.

Annual except in zones 9-11, sun, 24-36” tall, deer resistant

white fall flowers

Sweet Alyssum

Clusters of dainty scented flowers come in hues of purple, pink, peach or white. The low spreading habit is useful for edging pathways and borders. White Knight® is a vigorous trailing variety with white fall flowers that is perfect for baskets and containers.

Annual except in zones 9-11, part sun to sun, 8-12” tall

fall verbena


Verbena is a reliable annual with a low trailing or spreading habit that’s commonly used in beds or containers. Clusters of tiny star-shaped flowers occur in shades of white, purple, red, pink, peach and bicolors. Superbena® Whiteout has clean white flowers and a vigorous growth habit.

Annual except in zones 8-11, part sun to sun, 6-12” tall, deer resistant


black eyed SusanBlack-Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia are long bloomers that produce cheery flowers with dark centers from late summer into fall. They are native to North America and attract plenty of pollinators. Goldsturm has radiant gold flowers that will beautify your garden year after year. 

Hardy in zones 3-10, part sun to sun, 14-36" tall



This North American prairie native produces cone-shaped flowers in a wide range of colors. This easy-care perennial is suitable for containers and borders. Summersong Firefinch is shorter than other varieties, with flowers in warm hues of red, orange and magenta.

Hardy in zones 4-8, part sun to sun, 12-16” tall, deer resistant

fall anemone

Japanese Anemone

Long-lived hardy plants bloom for weeks in late summer and fall, with single or double flowers in shades of white or pink. Add color to mixed borders and woodland settings. Fall in Love ‘Sweetly’ is a compact variety with semi-double rose-colored flowers.

Hardy in zones 4-8, part sun to sun, 20-26” tall, deer and rabbit resistant

Russian sage

Russian Sage

Russian sage has tall blue flower spikes that bloom profusely above finely textured aromatic foliage. This undemanding perennial is useful as screening or a background plant. 'Sage Advice' is a compact variety with strong upright stems and flowers that hold their color longer than other varieties.

Hardy in zones 4-9, sun, 28-32” tall, deer resistant



Sedum are carefree drought-tolerant plants that produce clusters of star-shaped flowers that bloom in August and beyond. Use as edging, in rockeries or waterwise borders. Rock ’N Round ‘Pure Joy’ has bubblegum pink flowers that fade to darker pink.

Hardy in zones 3-9, sun, 10-12” tall, rabbit resistant



Reblooming Azalea

Reblooming azaleas provide a welcome burst of color in spring followed by another round of late summer and fall. Flowers bloom in hues of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple or white. Plants are suitable for containers, foundation plantings and woodland settings. The flowers of Perfecto Mundo® Orange has blazing orange flowers in spring, then after a short break they start blooming again in midsummer and continues through frost.

Hardy in zones 7-9, part sun to sun, 42-54” tall



Bluebeard is an easy-care deciduous shrub grown for its autumn flowers, serrated green or gold foliage, and compact habit. Blooms occur in shades of purple, blue, lavender and pink. Use in mixed borders and foundation plantings. Beyond Pink’d® has dark pink flowers.

Hardy in zones 7-9, sun, 24-30” tall, deer resistant

butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush

The irresistible flowers of butterfly bush appeal to butterflies, hummingbirds and insect pollinators. This deciduous shrub produces flower clusters or spikes in shades of purple, blue, pink, yellow or white. Low & Behold® ‘Lilac Chip’ is a noninvasive dwarf variety, perfect for containers and small urban gardens.

Hardy in zones 5-9, sun, 18-24” tall, deer resistant


Panicle Hydrangea

Panicle hydrangea is one of the best fall flowers for cold weather climates. Delicate clusters of star-shaped flowers occur in hues of white, pink, red or pale green. Little Lime Punch® produces large creamy white flower heads that transforms to red.

Hardy in zones 3-8, part sun to sun, 3-5' tall



Rose flowers come in an endless array of colors and forms. Use this reliable carefree shrub in mixed borders, foundation plantings or as low hedging. The scented orange flowers of At Last® bloom continuously until frost.

Hardy in zones 5-9, sun, 30-36” tall


Rose Mallow

Add tropical appeal with flamboyant open-faced flowers that can reach dinner plate size. This hardy deciduous shrub is suitable for containers and mixed borders. The blooms of Summerific® ‘Berry Awesome’ are lavender-pink, reaching 7-8” across.

Hardy in zones 4-9, part sun to sun, 40-48” tall, deer resistant

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