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How and When to Prune Your Hydrangeas, Shrubs and Perennials

If you have questions about pruning such as when the best time is to cut back your hydrangeas, how far down the stems should you prune, or how to clean up a shrub with dead branches, you’ve come to the right place. Find the answers to these and many more pruning questions here.

Contributors: Susan Martin

Pruning is one of the topics that seems to garner the most questions from home gardeners. Lots of people are unsure about when or how to prune their plants, or if pruning is even necessary. No one wants to do harm by pruning incorrectly.

We’re here to help! First, you should know that in most cases, pruning a plant incorrectly isn’t usually a fatal error. You might sacrifice a season of flowers, or the shape of your plant might look a little wonky for a while, but plants are resilient and usually bounce back just fine.

We’ve gathered together 10 articles that cover a good range of pruning information. They should answer most, if not all, of your pruning questions. If you find that you still have a question, remember that you can always reach us through our helpline.


How To
Prune Your

Pruning Shrubs
Part 1:
Why Prune

Pruning Shrubs
Part 2:
When to Prune


Pruning Shrubs
Part 3:
How to Prune

Pruning Shrubs
Part 4:
A Plant-By-Plant Guide


Quick Tips
for Pruning

Keep Calm and Prune Dead Wood
(Help for Shrubs with Winter Damage)


Tree Form



Tips for



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