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Soil—Dirty details of gardening success

At Proven Winners we like to remind you that a better garden starts with a better plant.  A Proven Winners plant. 

However, we also know that to have a great garden, you have to have great soil.  Depending on soil conditions, you may need to amend yours to make it more plant friendly.

Start by testing the soil in the area you are planting to see what it lacks.  You can buy a simple soil testing kit at a local garden center.  Or check with your County Research and Extension Service.  Many provide free or low-cost soil testing.

No matter what the test shows, all types of soil benefit from the simple addition of organic matter or compost.  So, learning about composting or “garden gold” is the place to start.

Composting is a simple way to transform organic yard waste, kitchen scraps, even dryer lint into garden gold.  However, it can take months for the transformation to happen.  If you and your soil are impatient, follow these tips for speeding up the composting process.

Whether you’re planting a new or existing bed, proper soil preparation is important.  The soil is the place your plant roots will call home for as long as they live.  For annuals, that’s one growing season.  For perennials, it can be years.  Learn more about preparing soil in different types of beds.

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