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10 Richly Red Annuals, Perennials and Shrubs

Red is a great color to add spice to a garden bed. To create a festive feel, pair red with orange and yellow. Add blue and white to your favorite red plant and show your patriotism or try mixing every color of red under the sun for a colorful, but simple monochromatic look. To get things rolling with red in your garden, check out this list of ten varieties we think you’ll love.

Contributors: Kerry Meyer

NEW Superbells® Cardinal Star Calibrachoa

Common Name:  Calibrachoa

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Description: This cheerful Superbells brings life to combination containers, hanging baskets and window boxes as a filler or spiller for sunny porches and patios. Each bright red blossom is decorated with a sunny yellow star pattern. Calibrachoa grows best in containers with good drainage, so make sure there is at least one hole in the bottom of the one you use. 

6-12” tall. Part sun to sun. Annual.

NEW ColorBlaze® Rediculous Solenostemon

Common Name: Coleus

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Description: They say redheads have more fun, and this exuberant red coleus is all you need to bring life to your patio pots and landscape. It grows vigorously in sun and shade to form a robust clump of garnet red foliage. This is a big plant, so give it plenty of space to strut its stuff. Like all ColorBlaze coleus, it was bred to bloom very late or not at all, extending its garden performance into fall.  

24-34” tall. Sun or shade. Annual.

NEW ColorBlaze® Royale Cherry Brandy Solenostemon

Common Name: Coleus

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Description: There is drama written all over this gorgeous ruby red coleus. It has purple undertones that help it to pair easily with almost any other color in combination containers where it will play a starring role of thriller or filler. It forms a bushy, upright clump that is denser than coleus with large leaves, so its overall look is more refined. You could also try massing it in landscapes as a neat backdrop for shorter flowers along a border.

18-24” tall. Sun or shade. Annual.

NEW Superbena® Red Verbena

Common Name: Verbena

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This Superbena bears some of the brightest, true red flowers you’ve ever seen. Like all our Superbena verbenas, it produces large clusters of flowers through the heat of summer without going to seed and is exceptionally resistant to powdery mildew. Try it in hanging baskets, upright containers and window boxes and enjoy its pretty blooms from spring through fall.  

6-12” tall. Part sun to sun. Annual


NEW Superbena Scarlet Star Verbena

Common Name: Verbena

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Don’t let its pretty looks fool you--this star will be a workhorse in your hanging baskets, upright containers and window boxes from spring through fall. Large clusters of scarlet red flowers with a bright white eye are produced prolifically. Like all our Superbena verbenas, it blooms through the heat of summer without going to seed and is exceptionally resistant to powdery mildew.

6-12” tall. Part sun to sun. Annual

NEW Dolce® ‘Cherry Truffles’ Heuchera

Common Name: Coral Bells

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For those that loved the bold texture of Cinnamon Curls comes an improvement that keeps the popular shape and color, but adds increased vigor and size. New leaves are bright red, heavily ruffled, and form a low, mounding habit. In summer, the bright color persists, maturing to a rich mahogany red. Dark burgundy stems hold light pink flowers and dark rose calyxes from early to midsummer. A wonderful color for all seasons.

Foliage Height: 8-10,”  With Flowers: 18-22”. Part Shade to Shade. Perennial in Zones 4-9

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NEW Summerific® ‘Holy Grail’ Hibiscus

Common Name: Rose Mallow

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We called this hardy hibiscus “the holy grail” from its inception because we knew we had something special. There’s a whole lot to love about this plant, beginning with its incredible dark, near-black foliage of beautiful, oval shaped leaves. Rich, deep red flowers are enormous at 8-9 inches across. The red and black colors perfectly complement each other. As an added bonus, once the flowers are finished, bright green calyxes starkly contrast the dark foliage. Use in an area with consistent moisture as a focal point to build your garden around.

Height: 4-4.5’. Part Sun to Sun. Perennial in Zones 4-9

 NEW Pyromania ‘Rocket’s Red Glare’ Kniphofia

Common Name: Red Hot Poker

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The spiky flowers and upright habit gives a unique drama to your landscape, with rebloom extending the color late into the season. Grass-like foliage provides textural contrast to bold-leaved perennials, like Hibiscus. These tropical looking plants are hardy to either zone 6, or 5B if you provide protection. Rocket’s Red Glare has long flower spikes with vibrant warm red buds that open to creamy peach flowers.

Height: 2.5-3’. Sun. Perennial in Zones 6-9


Fruit Punch® ‘Maraschino’ Dianthus

Common Name: Pinks

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The hot cherry red flowers are around 1.5” wide and have a dark burgundy eye. Fluffy, double flowers with deeply fringed petals have a sweet fragrance. A rounded clump of silvery blue, spiky foliage creates a stunning contrast with the bright red flowers. The foliage looks great throughout the summer and demonstrates good heat and humidity tolerance.  Flowers appear in early summer, and a quick shearing after flowering will encourage them to rebloom in early fall. It’s just the right size to edge the front of your sunny border and for use in combination containers.

Height: 9-11”. Part Sun to Sun. Perennial in Zones 4-9 



Oso Easy Double Red Rosa

Common Name: Landscape Rose

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There's so much to love about Oso Easy Double Red rose with its lush, deep red color. The way the blooms are held on long stems--well above the foliage for a truly memorable display. And speaking of foliage, its a beautiful, lustrous green with excellent resistance to powdery mildew and black spot, so it stays looking good all season. No need to deadhead to keep those beautiful blooms coming, too!

Height: 3-4’. Sun. Perennial in Zones 4-9





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