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Heart to Heart® 'Tickle Me Pink' - Sun or Shade Caladium - Caladium hortulanum

SKU: 11357_1B
#1 Bulb

Heart to Heart Caladium bulbs:
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Planting instructions

Additional Product Info: 

Which kind of Caladium is right for me?

Choose bulbs if you:

  • Enjoy the experience of watching plants emerge and develop into maturity
  • Are looking for a more cost effective way to cover large areas in the landscape
  • Have areas where it’s difficult to dig larger holes for root balls.

Bulb Size* Selection:

  • #1 bulbs (1.5"-2.5") are ideal for Southern regions ​due to a longer growing season.
  • Jumbo bulbs (2.5"-3.5") result in larger, fuller plants faster and are recommended for Northern/Midwest regions where the growing season is shorter.
  • The number of days it takes a caladium bulb to sprout varies by variety, but most will emerge within 14-18 days. Full development of the plant generally takes 30-45 days.
  • The soil temperature must be consistently at least 65°F degrees for successful rooting and sprouting.
  • *Caladium bulb sizes vary naturally by variety.

Planting Instructions

Learn more about Heart to Heart Caladiums.

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