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Flambe® Yellow Strawflower Chrysocephalum apiculatum

  • Exposure
    • Sun
  • Season
    • Fall
  • Mature Size
    • 8 - 14 Inches
Award Winner
Proven Winners
Proven Winners

Flambe® Yellow Strawflower Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Sun 8 - 14


I've been KNOWN to steal the GARDEN...

Tufted yellow flowers on silvery foliage; very heat and drought tolerant

Award Winner
Fall Interest
Heat Tolerant
Deadheading Not Necessary
Drought Tolerant


Height Category: 
Garden Height: 
8 - 14 Inches
Trails Up To: 
24 Inches
8 - 12 Inches
Flower Colors: 
Flower Shade: 
Foliage Shade: 
Container Role: 

Plant Needs

Light Requirement: 
Maintenance Category: 
Bloom Time: 
Planting To Hard Frost
Hardiness Zones: 
9a, 9b, 10a, 10b
Water Category: 
Uses Notes: 

Use in planters or landscapes; great in informal drifts

Maintenance Notes: 

Deadheading not necessary for continuous bloom. Plants will "bury their dead" (new flowers will quickly cover old flowers) so no deadheading necessary.

This is the perfect plant for almost all gardens. They don't just tolerate heat - they love it, yet they can withstand surprisingly cold temperatures also. One year mine were blooming right up until a December storm encased them in ice. The one thing they do not like is the soil staying too wet. They are quite drought tolerant though, what we call "an end of the hose plant," which simply means they will thrive even if you don't add additional water through the summer. If they start looking tired during the summer, a trim back can help them quickly bounce back into top form. In containers regular fertilization will be helpful, but in the landscape they will tolerate poor soils and low fertility. However, a dose of slow-release fertilizer or some compost added at the time of planting would be helpful.

An application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.

Flambé is one of Dr. Rick Schoellhorn's top ten favorites for Florida.

Are you looking for a plant for that hot dry part of your yard that never seems to get enough water? Flambé Chrysocephalum love heat and dry conditions and flower continuously through the summer. Small round golden orange flowers cover the plants. Give them air circulation and bright sun. they can be planted at any time of year except winter in north Florida.

"This was a pleasant surprise. I've used this plant [Chrysocephalum] and loved it, but it took a while before it became commercially available and landscapers understood its toughness. It [Flambé Yellow] was placed at an entrance as a groundcover beneath 'Stars and Stripes' pentas, a welcoming sight to our visitors. Plants were less than 6 inches tall, had wonderful insect and disease-proof gray-green foliage and were covered with bazillions of bright yellow flowers just above the foliage. Congratulations to Proven Winners and thank you for allowing us to trial this cultivar." - Dr. Allan Armitage, University of Georgia

Drought tolerant, Heat tolerant, sandy soil tolerant, frost
tolerant to 30F with minimal damage, so good for extending season both in spring and in fall. Somewhat salt tolerant.

Goes great with: Coleus Royal Glissade, Superbells Calibrachoa, any annuals or perennials where silver foliage can act as an accent. Best in bright full sun conditions!

Habit: Low mounding cultivars

Season: Spring through fall

Where does it come from: Tasmania and Australia

Tips: Like all Chrysocephalum and Helichrysum these plants love full hot sun and good air

Flambe® Yellow Chrysocephalum apiculatum 'Flochryel' PP: 19175 Can. PP: 3280

Award Year Award Plant Trial
2010 Rising Str Dallas Arboretum
2010 Rising Str Dallas Arboretum
2010 Rising Str Dallas Arboretum
2009 Silver Medal Champaign County Illinois Master Gardener Idea Garden
2009 Top Consumer Choice - Winter University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale
2009 Best Varieties Penn State
2009 Best Friend Forever Virginia Tech
2009 Best-Looking Flowers University of Delaware
2009 Best-Looking Flowers University of Delaware
2009 Top Performer Kansas State University
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