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Proven Winners ColorChoice® Shrubs: Say good-bye to ho-hum hedges


A hedge doesn't have to be a boring parade of well pruned boxwood. It can be evergreen or deciduous; groomed or left natural; decorative, functional, even whimsical (think labyrinth!)

They can add texture and multi-season appeal. Spruce up your next hedge with easy-care
Proven Winners ColorChoice®

If your mind’s set on a boxwood hedge, plant Sprinter® Boxwood It is easy to maintain as a compact, dense globe with shiny dark green leaves that need little pruning and is cold hardy.  Or how about adding a showy, all-summer color with our Proven Winners At Last® rose  It’s the first fragrant landscape rose that blooms continuously and is disease-resistant.  Both are low maintenance that produce carefree hedges. 


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