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Proven Winners Complete Package Program

100% branded packaging for all Proven Winners sold

For over two decades, Proven Winners has demonstrated that branding works. You have seen it in your bottom line with increased profitability from our plants, and consumers have come to equate the Proven Winners name with exemplary garden performance.

We have made the move to marry retailer and consumer interests by implementing the Complete Package Program for all annuals. Like all of the other Proven Winners plants we offer, all Proven Winners annuals grown for single pot production for retail sale are now sold in our signature white branded container.
Customers selling our annuals in recipes may continue to use our tag exchange program.


Complete package announcement


Why is branded packaging important?

Think about the branded products you consume on a daily basis. The iPhone in your pocket came boxed in slick packaging that was easily recognizable as an Apple® product. Coca-Cola® wouldn’t taste quite the same to you if you weren’t positive that it was actually Coke®. Packaging instantly forms our impressions of a product. Consumers have repeatedly shared their concerns when they see our plants not offered in our signature white branded container, believing they are not buying “authentic” Proven Winners.

Nearly every product consumers purchase at garden centers is branded, and branded packaging informs their purchasing decisions. It also allows retailers to capitalize on the tremendous value of the ten billion brand impressions we make through our extensive marketing campaign each year. Plus, we have proven that using our signature white branded container increases sell-through at higher prices and margins for your customers.









Benefits of using Proven Winners branded containers

How the Complete Package Program works

Timing: The Complete Package Program was effective in the U.S. beginning with all annuals liners (plants) scheduled for shipment on or after November 1, 2021. In Canada, the program was effective for all annuals liners (plants) scheduled for shipment on or after July 1, 2022.  Annuals plants grown in hanging baskets or upright containers may instead utilize our tag exchange program. 

Branded Container and Tag Ordering Options: H.C. Companies and East Jordan are the official suppliers of Proven Winners branded containers for annuals. Branded containers are required for all single pot production for retail sale at a 1:1 plant to container ratio.  Order in bulk to receive branded containers ahead of the growing season, or receive them along with your liner orders.  Or, customize your order to ensure you have the right number of branded containers, trays, container garden tags and individual variety tags that you need.  Please see below for further details and check with your broker or Proven Winners propagator for more information.

For combinations that have less than 75% Proven Winners or Proven Selections plants, individual variety stake tags must be used but a generic Proven Winners container garden tag cannot be used.  For combinations with 75% or more Proven Winners/Proven Selections plants a generic Proven Winners container garden tag may be used (and is preferred to truly “brand” the combination) – plus, individual variety stake tags must also be used. 

Of course, for combinations that are “kits” that come with variety specific container garden tags, individual variety stake tags don’t need to be used. 

Circumstances where branded containers or container/hanging basket tags are not required:

  • Sales of Proven Winners annuals to botanical gardens, public gardens, conservatories, and trial sites with confirmation that plants are not being
    re-sold (i.e., conservatories do have plants sales, those sales would not be exempt).
  • Proven Winners annuals orders for landscape use (i.e., non-retail sales; for use in landscape installations).
  • Growers should inform their plant broker about which orders, or items on an order are intended for landscape plantings or for sales to botanical gardens, public gardens, conservatories, or trial sites.
  • Any variety sold as Proven Selections.


What makes Proven Winners packaging better than generic containers & trays


 Eco+ Grande® - Eco-Friendly container


Below are various containers & tray sizes for Proven Winners annuals:

Proven Winners® Branded ContainerCorresponding Tray


Dimensions (Inches)VolumeDimensions (Inches)Containers Per TrayTray Footprint Sq. Ft.SupplierContainer Type
3.5 Injection **3.5 x 3.25.687 pints21.25 x 7.12121.051HCInjection
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize® Co-Ex4.25 x 5.3751.6 pints17.875 x 8.87581.102HCCo-Ex
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize® Injection *4.25 x 4.93751.56 pints17.875 x 981.117HCInjection
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize® Co-Ex4.25 x 5.3751.6 pints21 x 8.5101.240HCCo-Ex
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize® Injection *4.25 x 4.93751.56 pints22.4 x 8.969101.395HCInjection
4.50 Classic Self-Symetricize® Injection *4.5 x 3.81251.31 pints19.4375 x 1081.350HCInjection
1.0 QT Injection *4.625 x 4.68751.94 pints19.5 x 1081.354HCInjection
1.0 QT Eco+
4.70 x 5.000.94 quarts19.5 x 1081.354HCInjection
6.50 Injection *6.5 x 4.93752.01 quarts19.3125 x 13.2561.777HCInjection
1.0 GL Royale Co-Ex6.5 x 7.52.9 quarts19.875 x 6.62530.914HCCo-Ex
1.0 GL Royale Injection6.5 x 72.72 quarts20 x 6.62530.920HCInjection
8.0 Jumbo Injection8.0 x 5.623.27 quartsNo Tray Available For This ContainerHCInjection
3.5 Co-Ex **3.5 x 3.38.769 pints12.125 x 9.25120.779EJPCo-Ex
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize® Co-Ex *4.33 x 5.1251.71 pt21.625 x 8.625101.295EJPCo-Ex
4.50 Classic Co-Ex 4.5 x 3.751.42 pints22.375 x 8.6875101.039EJPCo-Ex
1.0 QT Co-Ex *4.70 x 5.001.00 qt19 x 9.62581.270EJPCo-Ex
6.50 Co-Ex *6.50 x 5.002.00 qt19.375 x 13.12561.766EJPCo-Ex
1.0 GL Royale Co-Ex *6.30 x 6.3752.5 qt19 x 12.62531.666EJPCo-Ex
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize® Eco+Grande®4.25 x 4.93751.57 pintsFits any of the 8 or 10 count Grande traysPVG/FSZero Plastic



* These containers are included in the sample box.  See further below for information about our free container sample program.

** These containers are for use with Proven Accents® by Proven Winners® or Proven Selections® varieties only.

Trays: Trays are encouraged but not required.


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