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Drought Tolerant Plants

Perfect plants for the perfect place.
You can have beautiful outdoor live spaces full of color and water less by choosing drought tolerant plants.

Drought Tolerant plants featured:

Wine & Roses®

Diamond Frost®

Supertunia® Bordeaux

All the plants listed have drought tolerant potential both from results in trials and what is inherent in the genetics. Remember that Florida drought and Arizona drought are different animals. Dry with drought is different from humid with drought; this terminology is relative to your region, so use caution when using this information.

ALL plants need at least 2 weeks of regular frequent watering to become well established in the landscape, longer for larger pots and shrub lines. NONE of our plants will do well watered once at planting and never watered again.

Drought Tolerant plants featured:

Whirlwind® Blue

Dolce® Licorice



Are terms used to outline a landscaping style that employs drought-resistant plants to help conserve water.


As a definition varies by location, it means the plant can (once established) survive on natural precipitation with infrequent watering, or withstand dry periods. Used interchangeably with drought tolerance though they don’t truly mean the same thing. Drought tolerant means the plant deals with severe drought on a regular basis, and recovers from repeated wilting.

Drought Tolerant plants featured:

Senorita Rosalita®

Intensia® Pink

English Butterfly Peacock


has come to mean a plant that does well in a landscape that manages water sensibly, using moisture zones and managing water use. Includes other aspects such as mulching, reduction of turf grass, etc.

- Drought avoidance Does not mean the plant runs away, but that it has developed storage capacity or other characteristics that enable it to weather severe drought without wilting, such as Cacti, Succulents,

Annuals Perennials Shrubs
Angelface® Angelonia    
Sundaze® Bracteantha    
Peter's Gold Carpet Bidens Decadence® Baptisia Adonis Buddleia
Superbells® Calibrachoa    
Flambe Chryscocephalum FRUIT PUNCH  Dianthus Blondy splash Euonymus
Senorita Rosalita Cleome    
Vermillionaire Cuphea Cardinal Candy Viburnum
Diamond Delight Euphorbia    
Diamond Frost Euphorbia 'Tuscan Sun' Heliopsis Coppertina Physocarpus
Blue My Mind® Evolvulus    
Stratosphere Gaura Dolce Heuchera  Fine Line Rhamnus
Infinity® Red Impatiens    
Pink Chablis Lamium Lemon Drop Oenothera Fine Wine Weigela
Luscious Lantana 'Maestro' Sedum Fire Ball Euonymus
Princess®and Knight Lobularia     
GoldFlake Mecardonia Gold Splash Euonymus
Soprano Osteospermum Limelight Hydrangea
Symphony Osteospermum Little Lamb Hydrangea
Charmed Oxalis   Midnight Wine Weigela
Supertunia Petunia   Peacock Buddleia
Timeless Pelargonium    
Intensia Phlox   Petit Blue Caryopteris
Sunbini Sanvitalia   Pinky Winky Hydrangea
Playin The Blues Salvia    
Whirlwind Scaevola    Purple Emperor Buddleia
Superbena Verbena    QuickFire Hydrangea
    Summer Wine Physocarpus
    Sunshine Blue Caryopteris


  Techny Gold Thuja
    Wine & Roses Weigela
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