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15 Perennials for Landscapes

To ensure only the top performing perennials are put into the Proven Winners brand, each variety is trialed extensively. Like all Proven Winners perennials, the Paint the Town Dianthus series was tested alongside market standards at a range of testing sites in a variety of zones. These perennials are not only trialed in containers, but in ground as well to ensure winter hardiness and performance for many seasons.




PRAIRIE WINDS® 'Blue Paradise' Schizachyrium

Does your Schizachyrium last like this?

No Schizachyrium stands and delivers quite like ‘Blue Paradise’. This new and improved cultivar has an incredibly full habit with an elegant vase shaped habit and gorgeous seasonal color transition. However, the real advantage of ‘Blue Paradise’ is the resistance to flopping, even after the snow and wind of fall and winter.
Height: 3-5’  /  Width: 2’  /  Zones: 3-9  /  Exposure: Full Sun

PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Apache Rose’
Midsize; more dense and upright habit; rosy red panicles rather than tan.
H: 4’ / W: 2¹₂’ / Z: 4-9 /
E: Full Sun

SHADOWLAND® ‘Autumn Frost’
Exceedingly showy, unique color scheme, consistent performance.
H: 12” / W: 24” / Z: 3-9 /
E: Part - Full Shade

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Berry Awesome’
Densely compact, rounded habit - rather than vase shape - massive 7-8” flowers along stem rather than just at top.
H: 4’ / W: 4¹₂-5’ / Z: 4-9 /
E: Full - Part Sun

PRIMO® ‘Black Pearl’
Extremely vigorous and rugged - even in full sun! Very intense black color.
H: 8-10” / W: 18-20” / Z: 4-9 /
E: All

‘Cat’s Meow’
Tidy, dense habit that keeps its shape all season long.
H: 17-20” / W: 24-36” / Z: 3-8 /
E: Full Sun

Free flowering, heavy repeat blooms.
H: 12-24” / W: 10-14” / Z: 5-9 /
E: Full Sun

‘Denim ‘n Lace’
Stronger stems, stays compact, more upright tidy habit.
H:  8-32” / W: 34-38” / Z: 4-9 /
E: Full Sun

RAINBOW RHYTHM®‘Going Bananas’ Hemerocallis
Larger flowers and more continuous bloom.
H: 19-22” / W: 18-24” / Z: 3-9 /
E: Full Sun

DECADENCE® ‘Lemon Meringue’
Very compact and carefree, longer flower spikes sit on top of the plant rather than within the plant.
H: 3’ / W: 3’ / Z: 4-9 /
E: Full - Part Sun

Paint the Town Fuchsia’
Much longer life in the landscape, far more prolific in blooming.
H: 6-8” / W: 12-14” / Z: 4-9 /
E: Full-Part Sun

ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Pure Joy’
Perfectly rigid dome shape.
H: 10-12” / W: 16-20” / Z: 3-9 /
E: Full Sun

Storm Cloud’
Near black stems, deep green foliage, shrub-like polished habit.
H: 24-30” / W: 38-42” / Z: 4-9 /
E: Full Sun


Compact and sturdy, excellent disease resistance, free flowering.
H: 24-32” / W: 20-24” / Z: 4-9 /
E: Full Sun

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Violet Riot’
More concentrated show of vivid blooms; more dense habit; more upright stems; more consistent rebloom.
H: 22” / W: 20-24” / Z: 3-8 /
E: Full Sun


U.S. Perennial Trial Sites:

  • Chicago Botanical Garden,
    Glencoe, IL. Zone 5
  • Dallas Arboretum,
    Dallas, TX. Zone 8
  • Four Star Greenhouse,
    Carleton, MI. Zone 6
  • University of Minnesota,
    Morris, MN. Zone 4
  • Pleasant View Gardens,
    Loudon, NH. Zone 5
  • University of Georgia,
    Athens, GA. Zone 8
  • Virginia Tech,
    Blacksburg, VA. Zone 6
  • Walters Gardens, Inc.,
    Zeeland, MI. Zone 6
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