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Laguna Sky Blue Lobelia erinus

  • Exposure
    • Part Sun to Sun
  • Season
    • Spring
    • Summer
  • Mature Size
    • 8 - 10 Inches
Top Seller
Award Winner
Proven Winners
Proven Winners

Laguna Sky Blue Lobelia erinus

Part Sun to Sun 8 - 10



Soft blue flowers all season on cascading, well-branched plants; good summer performance; low maintenance

Best Seller
Award Winner
Deadheading Not Necessary


Height Category: 
Garden Height: 
8 - 10 Inches
Trails Up To: 
24 Inches
6 - 10 Inches
12 - 18 Inches
Flower Colors: 
Flower Shade: 
Foliage Colors: 
Foliage Shade: 
Container Role: 

Plant Needs

Light Requirement: 
Part Sun to Sun
Maintenance Category: 
Bloom Time: 
Planting To Frost
Hardiness Zones: 
9a, 9b, 10a, 10b, 11a, 11b
Water Category: 
Uses Notes: 

Plant alone or in combinations in all container types, hanging baskets, window boxes and landscapes

Maintenance Notes: 

Self cleaning, no deadheading necessary. Laguna does not like "wet feet". Be sure that you do not keep the soil wet. Allow the soil surface to dry before watering again.

These newer types of Lobelia are much more heat tolerant than past plants. They will reliably bloom in warm temperatures unless night temperatures stay in the upper 70's or above. If you experience an extended time period with high night temperatures the plants may flush out of bloom, however, the plants themselves should continue to look good. If the plants do go out of flower using a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears to give the plants a "haircut" - a slight overall trim - should encourage additional branching. Additional branching will result in increased flower power once the plants begin blooming again after night temperatures fall.

The plants may be trimmed back at anytime if you feel they could use it.

A yearly application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.

Thanks to fashionable moms everywhere, in the 21st century blue isn't just for boys. Not that boys have a new favorite color. But it's now okay for girls to like blue, too. For anyone of either gender who has a thing for this band of the color spectrum, I'm da bomb. Billowing clouds of sky blue flowers, and Lobelia flowers at that. Wait a minute. Aren't Lobelias supposed to croak in the heat? It so happens that another thing that's gotten with the program in our new millennium is horticulture. Proven Winners wanted a heat tolerant Lobelia that was a flower making maniac. Poof! And here I am.

A compact, 8 - 10 inch tall annual (except in zones 9-11) for full sun to part shade, an abundance of blooms that never need deadheading and a mounding, trailing habit that's perfect for landscapes and all types of containers. Ain't progress wonderful?

Laguna Sky Blue Lobelia erinus 'Loboudtis' USPP 15,526, Can 2,304

Award Year Award Plant Trial
2011 Best of the Best (multiyear award) Champaign County Illinois Master Gardener Idea Garden
2011 Best of the Best (multiyear award) Champaign County Illinois Master Gardener Idea Garden
2009 Best-Looking Foliage University of Delaware
2009 Top Performer Calgary Zoo and Botanic Garden
2009 Top Performer Longwood Gardens
2009 Leader of the Pack - Early Season North Carolina State, JC Raulston Arboretum
2009 Knock Your Socks Off University of Georgia
2009 Knock Your Socks Off University of Georgia
2009 Knock Your Socks Off University of Georgia
2009 Best-Looking Flowers University of Delaware
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