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10 Fabulous Chartreuse Plants to Make Your Garden Glow

Chartreuse has a unique way of brightening up the landscape anywhere you plant it, in sun or shade. Here are ten of our very best chartreuse annuals, perennials and shrubs to make your garden glow.

Contributors: Susan Martin


Sweet Caroline Kiwi

(Sweet Potato Vine)

This well-behaved sweet potato vine won’t overrun its neighbors in container recipes and keeps its bright kiwi green color all season, even in full, hot sun.

6-16” tall, part sun to sun, annual


More chartreuse sweet potato vines: Illusion® Emerald Lace, Sweet Caroline Bewitched Green with Envy, ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’, Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime


Proven Accents®
'Golden Delicious'®

(Golden Leaved Pineapple Sage)

Thriving in both sun and shade, this plant forms a large clump of pineapple-scented, yellow to chartreuse foliage. Perfect for large containers and landscapes.

3-4’ tall, part sun to sun, annual except in zones 8-11



ColorBlaze® Golden Dreams

Add some WOW! power to your containers or landscape with this amazing coleus. It grows quickly to form a large, bushy clump of fantastic foliage.

2-3’ tall, sun or shade, annual

More chartreuse coleus: ColorBlaze® Lime Time, ColorBlaze® Royale Alligator Tears®


Lemon Coral®
Sedum mexicanum

Easy, versatile and fun are three reasons you'll want to grow Lemon Coral. This spiky-yet-soft succulent forms a thick carpet of beautifully textured, glowing chartreuse color.

3-10” tall, part sun to sun, annual except in zones 7-11


Dolce® 'Apple Twist'
(Coral Bells)

New! Watch this pretty perennial as it transforms from yellow with splashes of red in the spring to granny smith apple green in summer. Great in containers and at the border’s edge.

10-12” tall, part shade to shade, hardy perennial in zones 4-9

More chartreuse coral bells:
Primo® Pistachio Ambrosia,


Abelia grandiflora

This is the most colorful abelia we’ve ever seen. Flashes of bright marmalade orange and gold foliage light up the garden, topped with sweetly fragrant blossoms all summer.

2-3’ tall, part sun to sun, hardy shrub in
zones 6-9



Lemony Lace®
Sambucus racemosa

This award-winning shrub is a must-have for adding bright color and lacy texture to your low maintenance, deer resistant landscape. White flowers appear in early spring.

3-5’ tall, part sun to sun, hardy shrub in zones 3-7



Double Play® Candy Corn®

A cornucopia of color all season! The show starts with candy apple red foliage in spring, transitioning through shades of yellow with orange accents. Dark purple flowers pop in late spring/early summer.

18-24” tall, part sun to sun, hardy shrub in zones 4-7

More chartreuse spireas: Double Play® Big Bang, Double Play® Gold, Glow Girl®


Tiny Wine® Gold  


Small than most ninebarks, this one emerges brilliant yellow with white flowers in spring. It’s disease resistant and easy to grow as a foundation plant or in borders.

3-4’ tall, full sun, hardy shrub in zones 3-7


More chartreuse ninebarks: Festivus Gold®

Anna's Magic Ball®


One of our most popular shrubs! This cute dwarf evergreen forms a petite sphere of cheerful yellow foliage that keeps its color all year and never needs pruning.

10-15” tall, part sun to sun, hardy shrub in zones 3-7

More chartreuse arborvitaes: ‘Filips Magic Moment’, Fluffy®, Polar Gold®











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