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Twist 'n Plant Gardening Auger




The Twist ‘n Plant auger makes planting flowers and bulbs easy and fun! Let this durable steel tool do the work for you. It drills the perfect sized hole to plant up your containers or landscape. You’ll have all your flowers planted in no time.

Use this handy tool to:

  • Plant 4” or 1-gal potted flowers, perennials, vegetables and shrubs
  • Plant flower bulbs
  • Bore holes in soil up to 11” deep
  • Prepare soil in your containers
  • Till soil in the garden
  • Mix up water soluble plant food
  • Even mixes paint and mortar compound!

Award winning landscape architect Jack Barnwell compares the Twist 'n Plant auger to other augers he has used in the past in this informative video.



4 Reasons to Choose the Twist ‘n Plant Auger

  1. 100% solid steel construction – This auger won’t warp or bend like cheap aluminum augers you’ll find at box stores. That’s especially important if you’re digging into hard clay soils.
  2. Drills through tough soils without warping – While lesser quality augers struggle or warp and bend in clay or rocky soil, the durable Twist ‘n Plant auger can handle the pressure and get the job done. It churns up rocks and eats through fibrous root systems more easily than a shovel.
  3. Completely safe to use – This auger has a built-in non-slip hex drive which helps to prevent slippage and twisting when drilling. Be sure to set your drill’s clutch when drilling in hard soils (a safety precaution we’ve included in the auger’s manual and is likely included in your drill’s manual, too.)
  4. Lifetime guarantee – The Twist ‘n Plant auger comes with a lifetime guarantee on defects from materials or craftsmanship.
  5. Made in the USA by a family owned & operated company, sourcing all products from the USA.


Twist ‘n Plant Auger Specifications

  • Solid steel construction
  • Glossy white enamel coating
  • 3” x 12” spiral auger
  • Rugged 5/8-inch shaft with 10-gauge flighting
  • 3/8-inch non-slip hex drive
  • Fits most electric and cordless drills – drill not included
  • Drill minimum voltage recommendation: 18V cordless


Usage Considerations

  • "Know what's below" before operating this auger. Have your underground utilities and sprinklers marked by the city before use.
  • Though this auger will power through loose rocky material, do not attempt to drill through solid rock as it will dull the tip.
  • This auger will not puncture hard plastic or metal piping but will drill through soft irrigation lines or wires.
  • Rinse auger clean after use. A thin coating of vegetable or machine oil will help to prevent rust buildup.

For Your Safety

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INCLUDED QUICK START GUIDE INSTRUCTIONS. Wear protective eyewear when using this tool. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could catch on the auger. Operate at a slow speed to prevent accidents. Go slow and drill at the slowest setting. Set the clutch of the drill per the manufacturer's specifications to prevent wrist injury, especially in hard soils.


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